Thursday, November 15, 2007

Crisp Autumn Air and Falling Leaves

This fall has been an eventful one so far! As I am just starting this blog I will have to update you on a few things. In September, G and I took a trip to Iowa for T and J H's wedding. It was G's first plane ride and he did really well. Once home though I thought I broke him on the trip because he went from happy baby who was never upset, to a tantrum throwing kid who never stopped crying. I was beside myself for a week wondering what I had done wrong, and finally I looked in his mouth and realized he was getting teeth! Needless to say, that was right after he turned 5 months old and now that he's 7, not much has changed! He at least is starting to sleep a little better through the night.

K has moved to the new credit union branch they built in West Jordan. It's a lot closer to home and a good opportunity for him. He's not loving his job, but maybe the day will come. He's been working a lot lately with the new branch opening.

We did family pictures this year with K's family. They turned out pretty good considering how many little kids are in the family! For those of you who don't know, G was number 14 with 15 and 16 following in just 7 weeks! Lots of little ones makes for lots of work!

I took this picture of G playing outside. He wouldn't look at me for anything, so finally I got this one picture with a little mischeivious look in his eyes! I love it!

Now we are just getting ready for the holidays. We are looking forward to G's first Christmas! I will update you all soon on new things in our lives!