Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eagle Scout

My brother, Colton, has earned his Eagle! I am so proud of him and his dedication in the Scouting program. I'll be the first to admit that I am not a huge fan of scouts, but there is something special about getting that Eagle award. There is such a reverence at every court of honor I have attended. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend his court of honor this evening, but I wanted to let Colton know that I am proud of him and this accomplishment. Here's a couple of other reasons why I love my brother:

1. He's always funny at just the right moment.

2. He is so cute with Gavin. What a great uncle!

3. He is an amazing shot with a gun. Colt is very passionate about hunting and takes it seriously.

4. He loves his family...even though we're all a little nutty.

5. He's a hardworker.

I love you, Colton. Thanks for being my brother.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

High School Tag

1. Did you date someone from your school? yes

2. What kind of car did you drive? First 87 Galant, then a 84 Lincoln Contenintal (we called it he beast!) then a 97 Cavalier

3. What was the most embarrassing moment of HS? Honestly, there were probably lots, but I don't remember them, which I can be very thankful for, I HATE being embarrassed!

4. Were you a party animal? yes, but not in a wild way

5. Were you considered a flirt? na

6. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? Choir, I know Julie B if you're reading this you're laughing about this, but I was a big time choir nerd.
Rheanna...this one's for you :)

7. Were you a nerd? Nope, at least I hope not

8. Were you on any varsity teams? Varisty Show Choir (I know you're laughing again Julie, especially since this part requires dancing!)

9. Did you get suspended/expelled?Heck No!

10. Can you still sing the fight song? Uh...I don't think I even knew it then, something about fight, fight, fight.

11. Who were your favorite teachers? Mrs. Lamb, Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Churchman

12. Where did you sit during lunch? the lower level, by the stairs

13. School mascot? The Rams

14. Did you go to homecoming, and with who? Yes, first year, Ben Murphy, the next year I don't think I went, then Chewy (aka Josh Kennedy) and I think I went with just a bunch of friends my senior year.

15. If you could go back and do it again, would you? yes, I really enjoyed high school

16. What do you remember most about graduation? That I got to wear all the stupid honors I worked my tail off to earn :) Lame, I know, but I really wanted them! And that my dad and family drove all the way out from Utah for me :)

17. Where did you go on senior skip day? Mitchellville I think, we did some volunteer stuff and then got the rest of the day to play. S.C.I.P day was Senior community improvement project at my school.

18. Were you in any clubs? Show Choir, Key club, Leo Club, Spanish Club, French Club, National Honor Society, Ramshackle (poetry, creative writing publication thing)

19. Have you gained some weight since then? SOME would be an understatment

20. Who was your prom date? I got asked to go to a Jr. Prom when I was a sophmore with Troy Stuart, then my Jr. Prom was Andy Winkels and Sr. was Brent Cotrell

Senior Prom

21. Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion? I would like to, but I bet Keith would hate it and it would be all the way in Iowa

22. Looking back, what advice would you give yourself? Don't stress about graduating in the top 3% because some stupid junior will graduate early and you will miss it by 1 person....can you tell I might still be a little bitter? Also, don't worry so much about being like everyone else...it won't matter when you grow up.

I tag Carlie, Rheanna, Mandy and Jeri

Mutant Green Beans

It's been a slow blogging week for me and this post will prove it. Apparently Sockman and Buckethead are not the only mutants around our house. I was out picking beans a couple of days ago and found this beauty. I must have missed this bean the last, oh I don't know, EVERY TIME I've picked beans! It was HUGE! I thought beans would just die and dry out before they could get big like this. Anyway, yes, I am lame and took a picture of this baby. The picture doesn't do it justice though. I'm not going to even attempt eating it, who knows what sort of mutiny would overcome me....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Visiting Teachers

I just had a fabulous lunch date with my visiting teachers, and thought I'd try and be the first to blog about it :) Kidding, they just have blogs too, so I know they'll read this, and let's face it, I am much better at expressing my feelings in type rather than telling anyone.

I just wanted them to know that I really appreciate their service to me as my visiting teachers, if nothing more than friendship. It's nice to know I have others I can talk to and I really enjoy their company. I enjoy their strength in the gospel and the wonderful examples they are to me. I think they are both awesome mothers and great friends.

Thanks for everything, Katie and Tammy! I had a wonderful time at lunch (despite Destructo and all of his antics!)

And as previously stated...I don't like when people blog without a picture. I of course did not bring my camera to this lunch date, so you're all going to have to settle for no picture. Deal with it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Family Pictures

I am finally posting these family pictures my dad did for us. We went up American Fork Canyon and the leaves were GORGEOUS! Here are a few of my favorites. Destructo was not cooperating, but smiling or not, he's so cute!
All I wanted was one good one for a Christmas card and we got a bunch! Thanks Dad! You did an awesome job!

This first one is my fav....just so fun. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


If you haven't read FableHaven by Brandon Mull, I would definitely recommend doing so! Tonight my little sister called to invite me to a book signing at the Pleasant Grove Library for Brandon Mull. Amy, Taylor, Logan, Gavin and I, got there at 6:15 and waited for the doors to open at 6:40. We were about 10th in line. They had us all shuffle in and sit down, not keeping us in order and letting about 5 million kids go up front. No big deal, but I knew we weren't going to be nearly anywhere near 10th in line for the signing. I had no idea that Brandon was going to speak and take questions at first. It was really neat to hear him tell how he got his ideas and inspiration. I was very impressed with him and how personable he was. However, I was not impressed with the library staff! Alright, I know they tried their hardest, but you don't let 5 million kids unsupervised wait to have their book signed...that's just asking for trouble! Taylor and I stayed and waited (she got us a decent spot in line) and we waited, and we waited! It was so fun to be with Taylor and talk to her about the books and just life. She's such a fun sister! So we waited some more and FINALLY we were there. I think I was maybe a little starkstruck, Taylor did much better than me :) We got our books signed and even got a picture. By the time we left...it was 9:15! 3 hours at the library! But worth it for the time I got to spend with Tay. I really appreciated Amy and Logan (and Tristin who came a little later) for helping with Gavin so I could enjoy that. And if you read the books, you might understand the title of my blog!

In Business, Baby...

After lots and lots of late nights (the only time a mom can get anything done!) I have finally done it! Ta Da...I have launched my announcement business! If you're interested please visit by clicking the picture. I'm excited about this. I'm sure you're all sick of me posting the things I do, so now maybe I will express my creative outlet through a different venue!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Adventures of Sockman and Bucket Head

Late at night, by the light of the full moon, instead of werewovles, around our house appear.....Ta Da! Sockman and his alter ego, Bucket Head! Forget Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, this multiple personality goes way beyond them! Sockman is the fastest runner around. Able to wriggle free of mommy's grasp in just seconds, he leaves a path of destruction everywhere he goes! He's fiesty and lures you in with those golden locks and blue eyes, and then WHAM! You don't know what happened to that floor you just vacuumed. His sidekicks, Pheeb Dog and Barky (a.k.a. Pain in the Neck Cory) wreak havoc on an otherwise silent home, fighting and barking while Sockman looks on, delighting in their terror.

And then, as if by magic, Bucket Head is revealed to save the day! The protection offered him by this swell hat, is astounding, and no one can take him down. With his stuffed chicken he is able to ward off the evil Pheeb Dog and Barky, and even helps mommy clean up some of the destruction left behind in Smithville by Sockman. The only problem for Bucket Head is he can't defeat Sockman without harming himself.

Will Sockman destroy Smithville? Will Bucket Head be able to overcome his alter ego? Tune in next week for more adventures of Sockman, Bucket Head, and his damsel in destress (a.k.a Mommy).

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ironing....my couch

At the risk of sounding completely stupid, I am posting this. Anyone ever heard of Scentsy? Well, it's these candle wax warmer things where you put the wax in the top of them and it melts it and fills your house with whatever particular flavor you put in. Great in theory, but anyone in real life is probably going to at some point experience what I am about to tell you.

I have been paranoid lately since Gavin is climbing on things, that he is going to knock mine over and either hurt himself or spill wax on my couch and carpet. Well, the day will now never come...because I did it! I was carelessly putting something behind my chair (small house, no storage, I have to be creative) and it hit the cord (another feature I hate about it) to the Scentsy warmer. Wax was literally FLUNG at me and all over my chair and the wall. Luckily there was also a blanket behind the chair that prevented any wax from getting on my carpet.

I decided to google my options and found out a neat little trick of putting down a towel and ironing over that to transfer the wax. Surprise, surprise it worked, but naturally has left some nice oil stains on my couch. Google also said to try sprinkling corn starch over those, so we'll see what happens after that sits for awhile.

Way to go, Janelle, way to go. On the plus side, my chair does smell remarkably like a sticky cinnamon bun....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Honest people...

Yesterday I ran into Peterson's Market Place here in Riverton to pick up just a few things. I was hurrying because Gavin really needed to get home and have a nap. I had just returned something at Costco and had cash from that and quickly pulled out a few bills to pay. I NEVER have cash and I am apparently not very careful with it. I walked out of the store and then I heard someone yelling, "Excuse me ma'am." (Yes, I am officially old enough to be called ma'am) There was this nice young boy picking up some money that had fallen out of my back pocket. He informed that I had dropped it (a $20 bill, nonetheless) and gave it back to me. If I wasn't always so poor I would have handed that bill to him and said, "This is for your honesty," but let's face it, I don't have a job that pays me real money (hugs and kisses as payment are much better, thank you, Gav!) I know he received much more that day by being honest than he would have if I had given him the $20. I have no idea what his name even was, but I am glad there are people like him in the world.

Another wedding...

I think from the end of September through October I will be attending a total of 5 million weddings. I might be exaggerating a teeny bit, but not much. I have had the opportunity to do yet another wedding anouncement. This one is for my step-mom's brother. (I suppose you could refer to him as my uncle, but we're the same age and that feels a little less than normal...) My dad did their pictures and I really loved the one of them standing on either side of the bridge. I really wanted the wording to just go right on that picture between them, but the background was really distracting and I didn't want to have to fade the picture too much since the color is beautiful. This is also the first one that I did in a different size. I am really anxious to print it and see how it turns out!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Nutter Butters

I am watching my nieces, Kirra and Ashlyn, for a little bit while my sister in law goes to the library. (After experiencing the library with a one year old the other day, I thought I would offer...). When I found I out they would be coming, I had to run out and buy Ashlyn some nutter butters. She LOVES these things and it's absolutely hilarious. She carries them around with her and they make her the happiest baby in the world. You'll remember from my previousl post about the zoo, that I went there with these girls. Ash pretty much carried the nutter butters with her the ENTIRE time. So here are a few pictures of my sweet nieces as they spend the day with me!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tristin!

My little "grown up" sister has a birthday today! I can't believe she is 13! I still remember when she was 2 and wanted to stay up all night long and play baby. I, of course, was the baby, and she took such good care of me! Now I watch her growing up and she must have gotten a lot of good practice in those years. She is an amazing aunt and babysitter to Gavin. She's such a modest young woman, who already at this age knows and lives the gospel. She sets an example for Taylor and Logan as a big sister, and she's even an example to me and Britt. She's kind, and thoughtful, and loving, and sweet, and honest, and I could go on forever! Tristin has a very gentle personality and is kind to everyone. I have never heard her speak a bad word about another person, something I definitely could learn from. We love you, Tristin. Thank you for being a great sister, aunt and a best friend.

(Picture will be uploaded tonight, I have to go and get one of her all grown up!)

Snuggy Turtle

I wonder if I am the only parent who makes up words with their kids? I can't be, right? I've always made up stupid words for things, and apparently it gets worse when you have children. I don't know why but awhile ago when Gavin would give me hugs, I would always say, "Snuggy, snuggy, chicken nuggy." I like rhyming, what can I say? So then we started calling hugs, snuggies. Gavin knows that when we ask for a snuggy he should hug us, so apparently it isn't too hard to learn my "new" language!

Gavin is super good about going down for a nap or at bedtime. I don't know how we got so lucky, but we'll take it. He is very routine and likes you to lay him down and give him a bottle. He holds his binky in his right hand and the bottle with his left and then you have to give him his, "Snuggy Turtle." (Not to be confused with the Purple Turtle, although he does enjoy that too!) He takes it in his right had and holds it to him and then you smooth his hair, say night night and turn on his Primary CD. Voila! It's that easy. What a good boy! He never fails to amaze me. Thank you, Gavin, for doing SOMETHING that I ask!