Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby update

Nothing really too new to inform those who are interested (I am sure all of my "dedicated" readers are just dying to know any and all information...). My last appointment was 2 weeks ago and I had another ultrasound to check those spots in his brain that hadn't filled in all the way. (Too lazy to scan pics at the moment) I wasn't really worried about it because they said they always fill in, but there was still that unsettled feeling. I don't even know what the spots were called, nor do I have any clue what happens if they don't fill in, but I am happy to report baby is perfectly normal and his brain is completely formed. WHEW! Of course he is growing and is measuring 9 days early on the ultrasound (big surprise). As of 2 weeks ago he weighed 2 lbs 1 oz and as Amy put it...."Only 10 more to go!" Very funny. We're still trying to avoid having another 12 pounder! The ultrasound tech said that he is still within the normal range for weight. I had to do my glucose test 4 weeks early since they are watching his size closely, but they haven't called me, so I'm assuming so far no gestational diabetes. Fortunately they are concerned...unfortunately this probably means I will have to do more than one glucose test with the nasty drink!

Oh what's in a name? Gavin was so easy to name because I've known since I was in 8th grade and in love with Gavin Rossdale from Bush that I would one day have a son named after him :) I'm tempted to name this one after some other singer, but I really don't get into "theme" naming. Keith really wants a 5 letter name because he and Gavin both have 5 letters in their first, middle and last name. Apparently I fit into this as well because all 3 of my names total 15 letters. The middle name for this baby will definitely be Glade after my grandpa and my dad's middle name, and that happens to be 5 letters, but again, I don't get into "theme" naming. We made a huge list of names on our way home from Yellowstone and have whittled it down, and compromised, and crossed off and added to it until I got my way....I'm mean, until we came to an agreement! As of today and the past few weeks we will be naming him Max (yep, that's right, it's only 3 letters!) I think we'll probably have to stick with Max any way you look at it because if a baby comes out of mommy's tummy and is not named Max, Gavin is sure to be confused! Now that I'm actually showing and not just fat (meaning I am showing and fat), he seems to understand that not EVERYONE has a baby Max in their tummy.

Still super excited for the little guy to get here. I can't wait to see what he's like, and to see if he's anything like Gavin. I'm so blessed to be a mother and to experience these things. I can't wait to snuggle with all 3 of my guys!

I do like the symmetry....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pioneer Day

We spent lots of time with the Martin's this week! For Pioneer Day we had a fun BBQ at our house with lots of YUMMY food! My sisters were still here and I was worried they would be bored, but they had so much fun playing with Jaxson and Ella! Ella LOVED Taylor and would not leave her side most of the night! It was so cute! All little kids love Taylor though! Jaxson and Logan had a blast riding on Gavin's Harley...I was glad it was getting some use! Gavin just like to sit on it! The guys put on a fireworks show and we laughed and played until well into the night. It was a blast! Thanks Martin's for the fun!

Best Buds!

Everyone loves Tay!

Too Cute!

Proof we had good food :)

Zoo Time

Last week I had my sisters for the week and we needed to find lots to do to keep everyone busy! We decided to go to the zoo...nice and early to miss the heat. Yea was still hot! We went with Carlie and her kids and nephew. I think everyone had a good time, but the animals were hiding for the most part. Gav liked making the animal sounds and running around with the kids. The Hogle Zoo is not my idea of a great zoo, and I hope to be able to take Gav to a much cooler one someday!

Gav and Ella

Am I this tall?

Having fun!

Just hanging out with some lions!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm a Pothead....

Gotcha with that title didn't I? That's what my friend Carlie calls those of us who are slightly addicted to Harry Potter! For the past 3 years I have taken my sisters with me to see Harry Potter the day it comes out. Of course, we don't go to the midnight showing seeing as how Logan is 6, and lets face it...I'm just getting old. (I will of course be in the theatre at Midnight on Nov. 20th...Sorry Harry, my heart belongs to Edward...)

Logan was SOOOOOO excited to inform me that this movie was only rated PG and she could attend. Apparently she wasn't too concerned about the last 2 movies seeing as how they were PG-13, but I think it's just been this year that she has become Chief of the Swear Police and Movie Ratings :) What a good little girl to want to do everything right. She's a good example.
And it was nice to only have to hide her eyes once...

My favorite part of going to any movie is the popcorn. That is honestly my favorite treat in the entire world and I have probably only been to like 3 movies in my whole life where I didn't get it. It just makes the movie so much more enjoyable! I did like the movie. I probably went with some too high expectations because I had read online that morning that it was being hailed as the greatest Potter movie yet. I do know that I have enjoyed the 5th and 6th movies the most and I'm wondering if that has something to do with they both have the same director. I think this is the first time they have reused a director, and bravo that it was this one. I like the humor they put into it and thought all actors played their parts really well. My favorite actor is the guy who plays Prof. Snape because he is EXACTELY how I pictured him reading the books. I think he is fabulous in the movies. I was a little disappointed that they sort of played down the whole "Half-Blood Prince" thing, (seeing as how that is the title of the movie and all) but all in all the screenwriter did a great job trying to fit in all the important stuff. Thanks for the fun time girls! And a big thank you to Grandma Amy and Grandpa Cobbley for helping me out with Gavin! I got a much needed break!

The girls thinking I am nuts for telling them I have to have this picture for the blog....

Cherry Hill

This week has been really busy around here. On Tuesday we went to Kaysville and went to Cherry Hill waterpark with my Aunt Kristi, her kids, and Britt and Kenna. It was a lot of fun! Gavin wasn't too brave at first and I think he was confused because he didn't have the whole pool to himself like at Grandma's. He eventually warmed up and would even go on the little waterslide by himself! He would go down and say, "I do again!!!!" It was pretty cute to see him so proud of himself! Aunt Kristi used to take us to Cherry Hill every summer when we would come out and visit my dad. I had to comment to her that I remember it being slightly more fun when I didn't have a 2 year old....No, it really was fun to take Gavin. I love to see him get excited about things and try new things. He's growing up so fast!
Kenna (I think she liked the cookies better than the water...)
My legs look sunburned...they aren't, I was just back might be a different story!
Brave little guy! He loved going down like this!
Blake had to "pose" before he would let me take his picture!
Gavin absolutely LOVES Aubree! It probably helps that she kept taking him to the slide!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

11 years

It was 11 years ago today that my grandpa died. I wrote a big post last year for 10 years, so I won't be doing that again this year, but I feel the need to again say how much I love him. I'm so thankful for eternal families and that I can be with him again one day. I'm so proud of the man he was and now how much I see my own father in him. Especially with Gavin. I think it's so neat that Gavin has his own "Grandpa Cobbley". I feel sad at times to think that my grandpa never got to meet Keith and that he wasn't here when Gavin was born. I like to think that Gavin was in Heaven before he was born, spending time with Grandpa, and now I feel comfort in knowing that this baby was with him too. What a great man to have lived on this earth, and what a great man I am sure he still is, now that his earthly tasks are completed. Strange enough, today I was with my Aunt Kristi and realized that 11 years ago, I was with her the day he died. It was nice to talk to her about him and that day, and even though they were in no way related, the kind things she had to say about him. He reached a lot of people with just his simple ways. As my dad said in his eulogy, just like the country song, "Daddy never was a cadillac man." I love the simplicity that Grandpa brought to life and I laugh now when I think of how confused some of these "newfangled contraptions" would seem to him. Thank you, Grandpa for all of your love. I love you.

Monday, July 13, 2009

"Gavie's" Pool

My mom recently put a pool in her backyard and it was finished this week. Needless to say, I think we've all turned into fish! Gav loves swimming, and even though I haven't ever been a big fan of swimming, I decided I love it because he does. It's also a lot easier to swim when you're fat and pregnant when it's just with your family :)

The funniest thing was one night swimming and my mom asked Gavin if he liked swimming in her pool. I don't really remember how he got started on this, but now every time we ask him that he says, "No! Gavie's pool!!!!" It's so funny. The cutest part is that he feels that it's okay if he shares it with the other grandkids. He'll say, "Gavie, Kenna, Myah pool!" But it's NO ONE else's! Such a silly boy!

Here are a few pictures!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sister time!

This month I get to spend LOTS of time with my 2 youngest sisters. I love having them around and being able to spend time with them since I didn't get to really "GROW UP" (the jury is still out on that) with them. We went to Yellowstone with them and then they spent the beginning of the week with me while my parents were at Girls Camp. Of course, I took 1 picture the entire time, but I will have them again in a couple of weeks while my parents are on Trek so I'll have to take more then. They are so fun to have around and so helpful! I just wanted to post this to let them know how much I enjoy being with them and all of the fun things we get to do! Thanks Taylor and Logan!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Good for a laugh...

Back when I used to be creative, I wrote a lot of poetry. I'm sure much of it was just being a teenager and I don't have anything "fabulous" or publisher worthy, but I found my old poetry book today and had a good time looking through it. I will say some of it was pretty creative, some a little dark, and some of it I just plain liked, but the best was the day I had my first Roadkill. I used to be pretty soft on all animals (that changed when I had Gavin and now I am looking for someone who wants my little dog if there's any takers out there.....) so it was pretty traumatizing when I was driving home from school one day and ran over a squirrel. I kid you not, this squirrel stopped, turned it's head, and looked me dead in the eyes, all in the 2 seconds before I hit it. The worst was looking back in the rearview mirror and seeing his head rolling away from his body....ahhhh the memories! Naturally I cried and when I went home, my dear mother consoled me and gave me something to think about, which I then turned into a poem. So, for everyone's reading pleasure (or at least for a good laugh!) let's all make fun of my youthful views on life....(keep in mind, I was trying to be funny, even back then!)

*Dedicated to all innocent squirrels that become victims of vehicular homicide
I didn't see it coming,
I never saw it end
The life was sucked right out of
my furry little friend

I watched him scurry in the road
too quickly for me to stop
I couldn't swerve the car
mesmerized by his tail's flip-flop

I gazed into his beady eyes
As he turned and looked at me
Dead in his tracks he stopped
Oh why didn't my friend flee?

Because of me this squirrel is lost
because of me he died
Or maybe it wasn't all my fault
I think it was suicide
-In loving memory of the squirrel hit Sept. 5th, 2000

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Blogger was being stupid when I did this post so I'm just putting up pictures and calling it good. It's the 4th of July, what's new to say? We had a bbq, watched fireworks, etc.

Customary family picture....

Gavin telling uncle Austin all of the different firework colors....

As if we didn't know where they were....
My niece, "Myah Princess" as Gavie would say

Those were some good cupcake Grandma!