Saturday, March 22, 2008

Christensen Family Pics

I have been meaning to post these forever. These pics are from family pictures with my mom and step-dad. Now I have Smith Family pics on here and Christensen. Apparently we need to get busy and do some Cobbley family pictures! I have some from before Gavin was born, I should find them and post them. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful "families".

Friday, March 14, 2008

Where did all the hair go???

I finally did it. Gavin got his first haircut. I think I had to be more brave than he did! He was pretty good. Carlie cut it for us and I was very happy with that, knowing I could trust her. And she did a great job! He was quite the wiggle worm, and I held him the whole time. I'm not really sure how Carlie got it all even, but she did a fantastic job! It's a lot shorter than it was, but it's out of his face and I think he is enjoying that! I'm not worried about it growing...obviously Gavin will probably never have a problem with a lack of hair! He's a bit more blond now, and looks sooooooo much more like Keith! I saved some of his locks...what I will do with them I don't know, but I had to! Here's a picture from right after, then one from later in the day, and of course I had to include a pic of Jax and Ella because I love them!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Random 10 month pictures...

Gavin is learning how to stand up next to everything! It's fun to see him doing this, but some of his favorite places seem to be the fridge or the bathtub! Everytime I open the fridge he comes over and tries to get into everything! I'm sure one day he will probably try and climb up there! He doesn't seem to mind that everything is cold, it's just something new and fun! I'm always worried when he stands up in the bathtub that he'll slip and fall, but he grins like he just did the coolest thing ever! He is also learning the word "no" but he seems to think it means smile and mom and then keep doing it!

I love this picture of him sleeping! Rarely do I get much peace and quiet these days, but he usually takes a good long nap. He always seems to fall asleep in the car and is pretty good about staying asleep while I carry him in the house. As you can see he is sleeping in his coat in this picture. I usually try and get it off him, but I must have really needed him to stay asleep this time!

He loves playing Peek-a-boo, and has recently discovered that he can crawl under his crib and "hide". It's so cute and he giggles and grins everytime he peeks out from under the cribskirt. I can't believe he is almost a month away from his 1st birthday. Where did the time go?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Shoulda been a cowboy...

Gavin sure likes this horse, and naturally I had to put a cowboy hat on him! His hair is getting just a little too long and I am thinking I might cut it next week. Anyway, I thought these pictures were cute. I don't really have anything else to say about them other than enjoy!