Thursday, August 23, 2012


I post a lot of the funny things my kids say on facebook but I'm never going to remember them from there.  Here are a few good ones from Gavin lately.

Keith was changing the oil in the Tahoe.  Gavin came out and asked him what that was (that being the engine).  Keith told him and Gavin exclaims, "All hail the mighty Tahoe engine!"

Keith had forgotten to take his keys to work so we headed out one night to bring them to him.  As we got closer Gav said, "Mom!  My dad sense is tingling!  I think we are almost there!"

It's really funny to listen to Gavin talk to Max about things.  He said to him when we brought Roxy home, "Roxy is chewing on her bone!  Max, that makes her strong!  These bones are like dog weights."

Another conversation with Max he said, "Max?  You want to know what divorced means?  When you are married to someone and you get unmarried to them cause they're being mean and you don't like them."  We've talked about divorce before but I promise that is NOT how I explained it!!!

Today I asked him why he didn't respond when I kept asking him something.  He said, "Oh, that's cause my ears were turned off.  Hold on, let me turn them on."  He flipped a "switch" by his ears and then said, "Now what did you say?"

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Roxy Sparkle Dynamite

I know I have so much to blog about but for now I'm just going to go with our exciting news!  We are adding a new member to our family!  Sadly not a baby, much to my chagrin, but when the baby thing isn't working out, get a puppy I always say :)  So without further adieu, we'd like to introduce Roxy Sparkle Dynamite our cute new labradoodle! 

She's so chill...all the time.  I'm sure it will change!
The boys obviously had a hand in naming her!  Gavin really wanted to go with Sparkle Dynamite but I wasn't too keen on calling her to come in with that name so we call her Roxy.  We love her so much!  She is just the sweetest little puppy and just so mellow.  She just lays around or let's the boys maul her to death.  I'm sure once she becomes acclimated to our home, things will change, but for now it's nice to think she'll be super calm!

They are obviously in love with her!

Gavin was being so cute and nice with her when we first got her home.  It was funny to hear him and Max talk to her and call her "Sweet girl".   They were showing her everything that we had for her and telling her what it was. Max was pretty hyper and excited around her, but Gavin just wanted to love her. 
A boy and his dog!
Things have changed a bit with Gavin...he is now testing his limits...and Roxy's!  For instance, she has taken a little trip down our herself.  She has also been carried in just about every position imaginable!  She's a sweet girl and puts up with it, but we are learning that she doesn't always want to do what the kids want to do!   It'll will be good for the boys.  Can't wait to see her grow up!