Thursday, May 2, 2013

Who would have guessed....

That I'd be a mother to 3 boys!  Holy wow!  Quite the surprise today for our little family!  I really honestly thought we were having a girl!  Not that I was set on us needing a girl, but everything felt so different this time around I just knew it wasn't a boy.  So much for my mother's intuition!  I guessed wrong with Gavin as well, but I was CERTAIN, more certain than any pregnancy that Max was a boy.  It really is so fun to know now!  I have just smiled all day at the thought of another little man running around our house with his brothers.  It's been fun today to talk with the boys about their "brother" and not just "the baby".  Ironically I have always had a boy name picked out that I like and not a girl name (Keith and I haven't really agreed on it quite yet, though he hasn't ever put up a fuss, just hasn't said yes).  I also have a few other thoughts as to why this is a boy.  One idea I'll keep to myself, but another is that had this been a girl I would probably be done and this might just be Heavenly Father's way of telling me I'm not.  Still unsure because as of right now I never, ever, ever want to be this sick again, but I might, just might consider another baby.  I'll tell you right now though that I will always guess the next to be a boy if we decide on another!  And if we have another who happens to be a boy, I won't be surprised and I will feel very content.  I wondered what my reaction would be to another boy and when it was confirmed I can't imagine any other reaction for a baby, whatever the gender.  I was thrilled and excited and immediately starting wondering what he would look like and be like and if we would take after his brothers.  Thrilled to be having a healthy baby and feeling very blessed at the opportunity to mother another strong young man who will hopefully grow up to be a righteous son of God like his father.  I'm surprised at those people who have had such negative reactions at the gender of their child.  I can't imagine feeling anything but pure excitement and it was confirmed to me today we I knew we'd be welcoming another boy.  Now the only problem is how long we'll still be waiting for him!!!  This has been the longest pregnancy of my life with finding out and being sick so early on.  I think things will speed up now though...seems like the 2nd half always goes quicker.  More appointments, more changes, getting ready, etc.  And now that I've babbled, I'll leave you a picture with this handsome little man who I'm sure will be a giant baby with tons of hair :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

In case you missed the news...

We're expecting baby #3!  I'm sure most everyone knows via facebook or me mentioning it, but just in case.  We're very excited and feeling very blessed.  I've been ridiculously sick...sicker than I ever thought possible.  I'm trying to remember it's what I wanted but I either forgot how hard this was or it just wasn't as hard all the previous times.  I keep telling Keith this is the last but he isn't on board yet.  I'm really not sure I can do this again!  I think if I were supposed to have lots of babies this would/should be easier!  I mean, I can handle the huge babies, it's just this DANG nausea and throwing up all day long.  We're going on 13 weeks so hopefully with it being the end of the 1st trimester things will lighten up.  Definitely crossing my fingers for that one!  We should also find out in about 3 weeks what we are having!  I love love love that my doctor does a 16 week gender check if you want it!  I thought it would be so cool to be surprised and not know the last 2 pregnancies, but Keith hasn't been for not finding out.  Of course this time he said we could not find out but I said too bad so sad!  I've waited a really long time for this baby and have been so sick I feel like I need a little something to help me out here :)  Of course a girl would be fun but I'm just happy to be having a healthy baby that stuck around this time.  And we definitely make awesome boys so I fail to see how that wouldn't be great as well.  Some people seem to be a little bit obsessed with the fact that it needs to be pink this time around, but I really really really am just so happy to be having this baby.  I guess that should mean it wouldn't be too hard to not find out, but finding out at 16 weeks is still a surprise :)

When we told the boys they were obviously thrilled.  Max was excited but I don't think really gets it.  Gavin was so excited he was literally jumping up and down screaming "We're having a baby!"  Then all of the sudden he just stopped and started crying he was so excited!  It was probably the sweetest moment ever!  It's fun having someone who understands what is going on.  He asks every week how big the baby is (he loves that they compare the size of the baby to food!) and they both always want to tell the baby things.  When we were camping over Easter he said, "Baby, if you're a boy, I love you you're handsome.  If you're a girl, I love you you're pretty."  He's so funny!  They both say they want a sister but I've prepared them that it could go either way.  I'm excited to take them with us to the ultrasound. 

So there you have it!