Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Welcome to the world baby boy!

He's finally here! Max Glade was born October 26th at 6:17pm weighing in at 9lbs 15oz. (I know you're all shocked he was in the 9's...I was!!!) He looks just like his brother when he was born and we couldn't be happier to have him here! I shouldn't brag but it was a super easy delivery and I deserve a little bragging after last time!!! We're all feeling great and Gavin is super excited to be a big brother. He's very helpful, and VERY hyper after having lots of visitors he had to show off for today! Both boys are sleeping right now and I'm looking forward to some sleep...HAHA. At least I got 3 weeks without diapers, right??? I'm sure I will share more later, but for now it looks like my blogging might slow down just a bit!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Baby Max has a birthday!

Yep...a date has been set! October Monday! Funny how much less cranky I am now that I see there is an end in sight! Not that I really thought I would be pregnant forever, but I'm sure anyone who is 9 months pregnant feels that it will never end! I have also been assured that he is not 12 lbs nor will he be. In fact I was laughed at because I was so concerned and my doctor said, "You can't just hide a 12 lb baby, you have to realized you were much bigger last time, right?" Well, of course I don't feel nearly as big and I have been relatively comfortable compared to my pregnancy with Gavin, but when people stare at my stomach at the store, I start to worry.'s like they have never seen a pregnant person before! I am proud to say I have made it this entire time and have not been asked if I am having twins (don't anyone ask me now just to be funny alright????)

Here is a picture I swore I would never's me the night I was going in to the hospital for Gavin. Yep, beached whale. My mom said I need to take another picture in the dress to compare (I don't think the dress looks right on anyone 9 months pregnant) and so maybe that will be a post for tomorrow night. Anyway...enjoy laughing at my hugeness...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Updates and random things I want to remember...

No...I still haven't had the baby.

Gavin is OFFICIALLY potty trained! Thrilled with this! He amazes me. I mean, I know every kids gets potty trained eventually, but I bet every mom is this amazed when it finally happens! I am so proud of him and what a good job he has done!

Because he started going on the potty, we got him a new movie. Monster Vs. Aliens. It's really a pretty funny movie and for some reason he loves it. He really isn't a movie/TV kid and will watch it for a bit, then do some other things and then go back to it, but he really likes this one. The best part is when we drive somewhere and he will describe a whole scene to me. I always can't believe the things he picks up on and remembers. There is one part in the movie where they talk about going to Fresno and for some reason he is now obsessed with Fresno. He is convinced that the Purple Turtle is in Fresno because I told him that it was there one day so he would stop crying about going to Fresno. Now whenever we go he says, "Mom...we're in Fresno! Grandpa's Turtle is in Fresno!" Silly boy!

Gavin loves to say his prayers at night. He calls them his "Heavenly Fathers" instead of prayers. I always ask him how they start and he says, "Heavenly Father" and then I'll say "Thank you..." and he always says, "Thank you for this day." Then I will say thank you again a bunch of times and he fills it in with things we did that day, family memebers and kids in nursery. It's so cute! A couple of times when he has fallen asleep in the car on the way home from somewhere and we have just carried him up to bed; he has woken up in the middle of the night and wanted to say his prayers because he remembered that he hadn't! How cute is that???

The other day Gavin found a pin from Keith's mission that says the England London Mission. He said, "mom, what's this?" I said, "A pin from Daddy's mission." Gav: "Oh. I want to go on my mission." (We pray for Uncle Coco to decide about his mission everynight so I think he's sort of grasping this....) Me: "Ok, when you get older buddy you can go on your mission." Gav: "Yea, when I get big like daddy."

Speaking of Daddy...he is Gavin's favorite person in the world right now. Everything is, "My daddy daddy that." "Those are my daddy's" "I want Daddy to come home..." "me and daddy do guy stuff..." I love it! I'm so thankful for a wonderful husband and father that Gavin can look up to.

The other day, Keith and Gavin took me to my doctors appointment and while I was there, Keith took Gavin to Artic Circle to eat and play in their playland (no wonder he likes Daddy...I always tell him the slides are broken.....!). My doctors office is attached to the hospital and so when they were dropping me off, Keith told Gavin that this is where Baby Max would be born. Usually we say, when Baby Max comes home, or gets out or something, we haven't really taught him the word born. Well, then next night we're driving somewhere and Gavin says: "Mom, I want daddy to take me to the hamburger place when Baby Max gets boring..." I laughed so hard! Apparently he has heard the word boring a lot more than born and so that's the word that came to his mind!

I was downstairs folding laundry one day and was ready to go put it away upstairs and I said: "Gav...I'm going to put the laundry away. Are you coming upstairs with me."

Gavin: No, I'll stay downstairs."
Me: K, bud see you in a minute.
Gavin: ACTUALLY, I think I will come upstairs.

Where did a 2 year old pick up how to use Actually??? Again, he is amazing!

I love Gavin so much. He is such a joy in my life and such a good boy. I'm lucky to be entrusted as his mother and I am so looking forward to having another sweet baby boy. I'm so curious to see if he is at all like Gavin. I could have all boys and be just fine with that. I'm just lucky to be a mother.

My BFF's family

I did pictures last weekend for my BFF and her family. I love how they turned out, so once again I'm bragging on here. But once again, you're the one reading this post.......

Friday, October 9, 2009

Changing my attitude...

I was such a bear last week...I am well aware that just about no one wants to be around me right now! Luckily Keith was super busy helping a friend build a deck and wasn't home much (although I am sure that contributed to some of my crankiness...) Anyway, I was mad about my doctor appointment and just pregnant and emotional too. I felt like I was doing everything for everyone else and no one cared that I was tired and just kept asking more and more of me. Then late one night my cute friend Adrian showed up at my doorstep with candy and ice cream and a card. Knowing her I know she doesn't want me to brag about her, but I can't help it. That totally made my day to know that someone cared and was thinking about me. After that I decided that maybe I was MOST of the problem and that I could use a change of heart. So for the past week I have tried each day to remember the good people in my life and all that they do for me. I just wanted to say thanks to a couple of them on here....PLEASE don't feel left out if I haven't mentioned you...pregnant brain and all....

Adrian...Duh, I already said that not only did you bring me goodies, but you totally helped me change my attitude and I have been happier this week than I have in a long time. Thanks so much for your encouragement and friendship. means a lot.

Jeri...not only the best next door neighbor ever, but someone I trust completely and can always count on. Thanks for listening to my endless complaining and never making me feel bad for feeling that way. Thanks for raising the sweetest boys ever, who are so kind to my family and especially Gavin. I hope he grows up just like them.

My BFF Carlie :)....Oh where do I start? What would I do in this world without you? I already told you I love you more than a fat kid loves cake...and I meant it! You and Nick are the best friends Keith and I could ever ask for, and I can't imagine a day without texting you about absolutely nothing and just knowing that you're there.

Torie my best friend through it all....Even though you're in Iowa, you are always with me. Thank you for our long phone conversations and all of the memories we've had. You are always on the same page as me and always there for me no matter what. We've been through so much together...I love you.

Mom...I love you more than words can say. You ALWAYS go out of your way to do things for me. I always feel guilty knowing there is no way I could ever repay you. Thank you for loving me and for life. I don't think I ever truly appreciated you until I became a mother. mom who didn't have to be. I'm always proud to be considered your daughter. You have shown me love beyond ways I could ever imagine. I have never known someone who had so much love to give and sometimes I can't even comprehend how you do it. constant. I always thought of Grandpa Cobbley as being that one never changing person in my life who I could always rely on when things were turned upside down. You have become that person to me. Thank you for always making my life feel balanced and normal. dad who didn't have to be. Even in the short time you and mom have been married you have welcomed me like your own daughter. You've given so much to me and Keith. Everytime I see you with Gavin, I am so proud that he can call you Grandpa.

My siblings...this post would go on forever if I mentioned all that each of you do for me so here is a quick rundown :)
Britt...You love Gavin like your own. It amazes me how you can do this. bud. I always have a friend thanks to you.'re always someone to laugh with.
Colton...Gavin always wanting to be like Uncle Coco says it all....
Taylor...always a happy face and NEVER hesitating to do something for someone else.
Logan...I love the way you always say bye to baby Max when I leave. You never forget anyone.

Nancy, Susan and built in support system. The last 2 years of serving with the 3 of you has honestly changed my life. Your examples and strength and the things we've been through together during this time have been such a testimony to me.

Tammy and visiting teachers (or past...I miss you too Katie!) Making an effort to make me feel loved. Inviting me to things, visiting with me, cookies and treats...Carl's Jr. :) Thank you both so much for your efforts

Mandy...Cafe Rio dates and cute nieces would be enough, but you still go out of your way to make sure I'm doing okay. I can always trust you and I am so lucky to call you my sister.

Grandma Marcia...For loving me and mine. When Keith who has never had grandparents his whole life can consider you his grandma, you know that's amazing. Thank you for all you have done and do for us.

And last but DEFINITALY not least...Keith. You always jokingly inform me that I just don't know how good I've got it. But you're right, I don't have a clue...I know it's better than I can even comprehend. You are an amazing husband and father and have loved me with a kind of love I am sure I don't even come close to reciprocating. I love you, babe.

There are many more to thank, but I highly doubt they read blogs, so I'll have to thank them another way. I love you all.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Could I really be this lucky????

Not to jinx anything, but we have had no potty accidents at our house for the last 3 days.....!!! Could I really be lucky enough to only have one in diapers when the baby is here???

This is the 4th time Gavin has decided he wants to forgoe the diapers. It drives me nuts because there have been 3 separate weeks where it's been completely his idea and then after a week was up, he was done with it. I'm soooooo hoping that doesn't happen again!

A couple weeks ago when we were putting Gavin to bed this was Keith and Gavin's conversation..

Keith: Gav, how come you don't want to use the potty like Brock and Parker do? (Our neighbor boys who he thinks are soooooo cool!)

Gavin (as serious as can be): Dad, I just like dipeys (his term for diapers).

It was the funniest thing! Yesterday he said out of the blue..."Mom, I don't need dipeys anymore." I'm hoping he's really serious!!! But in any case, I love that he wants to make an effort and it felt good when he was talking to Grandma and said, "Grandma, mom is sooooo proud of me!" At least he knows I love him no matter what!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Caution....the following is just a pregnant girl rant...

I had a Dr's appointment today and I was fully expecting him to schedule me. I had an ultrasound first to check the size and of course my little peanut is already measuring 7lbs 6oz....4 weeks out. Was I surprised?...not really, and that's smaller than Gavin was measuring at this point, but still. I held a brand new baby on Tuesday who was a week early and weighed 7lbs 15oz and there is already something practically that size STILL INSIDE OF ME! It's not like I'm begging them to take me a month early, or that I think I'll ever in my lifetime have a 7 lb baby...but come on!!!! My Dr. acted like it was no big deal and he'd see me again in 2 weeks (which technically I should be on 1 week appointments and because he's out of the office I'm being schedule practically 3 weeks away...precisely the week I have been planning on having a baby!!!!)

I know I probably sound sooooooo whiney, and duh, usually people just wait for babies to come on their own, but I don't go into labor on my own. I have never experienced a contration other than when I have had pitocin, not even Braxton Hicks contractions. And honestly...I have a right to whine when my 12 lb baby wasn't even attempting to come on his own. I WILL NOT HAVE ANOTHER 12 lb baby and I just want SOMEONE in the medical industry to listen to me!!! I never complained with my last Dr even though I knew I was a beached whale, because, well, he was the Dr., what did I know? This time around...I refuse to experience that moment when they put my precious little baby on the scale and everyone is shocked when they hear his weight and my Dr. looks at me and says, "I'm sorry." I don't want my first thoughts about my son to be, "Oh look this is my baby....he's huge!" I don't want everyone to remember me by the girl who had the big baby. Or people's neighbors that I meet for the first time to say, "Oh you're the one who had the big baby." I don't want people to start asking me if I'm having twins. I don't want people to tell me I look like I am about ready to pop. And I swear if one person asks me if I had gestational diabetes I might smack them....hard. And MOST of all, I don't want people to tell me that he looks 3 months old or that he looks like a linebacker. (So all of you reading this have been warned....)

Alright...I had to put it all out there. I loved my big baby, and that he was mine, and it was cool for like 2 seconds to always win the "I had the biggest baby contest", but not this time. I just want to feel normal and not like some freak of nature. And I am soooooooo ready to not sit in front of my computer and type some big old pointless rant that no one cares to read just because I am an emtional basket case.

One cool thing...Baby Max already has hair :) They could tell in the ultrasound and I sure hope he has cute curls like Gavin!

And to leave this on another positive is a picture of my PERFECT baby Gavin, who was NOT a linebacker....