Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why do I always feel like I am walking on eggshells?

Oh, maybe because I am! Gavin LOVES to eat hard-boiled eggs. He will eat eggs any way you give them to him, but he mostly loves them hardboiled. He loves to help me get the eggs out and put them in the egg cooker and push the button. He is finally starting to understand that we have to wait for them to cook. We used to just have to listen to him cry about "eggys" for 15 minutes until they were done! His new found joy is in the actual peeling of the egg. This is very unfortunate for me and my floor and CONSTANT sweeping! Oh well, he's learning, having fun, and actually eating something healthy!


Mom/Kim/Jewel said...

We actually cooked hard boiled "Eggy's" at my house a month or so ago. I showed him how to poke the hole and place them in the cooker. Was he doing this before I showed him or are we just cool (you and I) and show him the same things??? Sorry about the floor. You are such a great mommy to let him learn despite the mess it creates!!

Me said...

That is so funny! At least he'll eat the egg. Isaac just likes to peel them and then he's like "nah, you eat it!" LOL!