Friday, June 19, 2009

20 Week Ultrasound

I had my 20 week ultrasound today! Exciting as usual. I love getting to see my baby! I can't imagine what it was like before ultrasounds. This hospital is awesome (and I thought I liked the one where I delivered Gavin!) and the tech I got this time was so awesome! She was so fun and spent lots of time looking at him for me :) They even put it on a DVD and gave me a million pictures. She said everything looks great but there is something in his brain that hasn't quite filled in or closed up or something, but she said it's really common and in the 10 years she's been doing this, she's never had a problem. I felt reassured after that and I feel like everything will be fine. They will do another ultrasound at my next appointment to be sure. I just knew everything was alright with Gavin, and when I was pregnant last time with my miscarriage I didn't feel that way at all. I can't even explain it and don't want to sound like I knew something was wrong, but it honestly felt different. This time, I definitely feel more confident, especially having made it this far, but it's harder to feel so calm about things after you experience something like that. And a due date got moved up 2 days :) Not that it really matters, but since I'll probably be induced early I will feel better knowning that it won't be all that much earlier and everything should be developed just fine. So, without further is my growing baby! He is just shy of a pound right now!

His hand is up by his face like, "Oh brother!!!"

This is his immatation of "The Scream" painting by Edvard Munch. It's hard to see his hands by his face, but I immediately thought of that painting when I saw what he was doing. Maybe he'll be artistic! (Of course, he would not be getting that from me!!!!)

Gavin had some paws on him too! Hopefully this doesn't mean he'll be another 12 pounder!

Alright, not the classiest of pictures, but the tech said this was rare and couldn't stop laughing about it...yes, my son is flipping the bird. (Definitely did not get that from me either:) We'll let Keith take that one!)

And this is mostly for Torie....I told you that it wouldn't change! Kensi will just have to settle for a boyfriend instead of a best friend!!!!


granny said...

cute baby boy We are so excited for another great grandson love you guys

Anonymous said...

He is absolutely adorable! Kensi will be very lucky to have "no name yet" baby Smith as her boyfriend! Best friends are a more fun, but a boyfriend is good too! I am so glad you are doing well with this baby! He is beautiful!

Soren and Sandy said...


tamster17 said...

The ultrasounds are always so fun to see! So great that we have all these things so we all can share in seeing them too! ;-)

whitney & ryan cottle said...

Yeah you should totally do the eye surgery. They give you a free eye exam. Prices vary. Ryans eyes were an easy fix. Also if you want a warrantee its more. But he has friends that have had it done for more than 5 yrs and they havent had any problems. Thats super exciting your having another boy! Gosh it feels like our neighborhoods havent gotten together for a while... hope all is going well!