Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kennecott Copper Mine

Yesterday we went to the Kennecott Copper Mine with some neighbors and friends. I think I vaguely remember going when I was very young so I thought it would interesting. Keith has wanted to go forever so I'm glad we finally did. I have to be was just ok. I think it's really interesting that it's man made and you can see it from space, but it's not like I was in space looking at it.....

Anyway, Gavin of course loved the big trucks and tractors and there was a visitors center that had some interesting stuff and a video about what goes on there. I thought that was interesting minus my child who threw a fit during it and had to be taken out (by Keith, thank you!) It's pretty amazing how much copper and other things they produce there.

The best part was just being with friends and afterwards we went to Training Table and then a park and visited. Keith's friend growing up has recently moved just around the corner from us and I am really enjoying having them around! They are a cute family and their brother and sister in law live not to far so it's fun to get together with everyone. Of course, I took no pictures of them, but we'll get together again soon I'm sure!

The Mine

Being with my guys, my favorite part!

Gavin's favorite exhibit

Please ignore how beautiful we all look, this was the end of the trip and it was slightly windy, Gav hadn't had a nap and mom and dad were slightly tired from chasing after him! Oh yea, and I'm fat!!!


Soren and Sandy said...

You are not fat, you are pregnant. There is a difference! Such a cute little family!

Rob-man said...

I'm actually planning on heading there tomorrow to keep the kids entertained -- hope they have fun there. And you look great girl -- so cut out the smack talk! :-O

Rob-man said...

Sorry Janelle -- that was me (Tammy) logged in under Rob! :) Gotta love it!

The Martin's said...

Fun! He looks so grown up!