Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkin "Carving"

Since I am not into messes and Gavin is really into Mr. Potato Head, Keith had the brilliant idea to use these pieces you just stick into your pumpkin instead of carving them. I loved the idea and he was going to keep one pumpkin to carve with Gavin until he realized how quick easy and clean this was :) I'm sure Gavin will want to actually carve one next year when he actually understands it, but for now he loved this! It was pretty cute to watch him put these together and he was so excited to make one for Baby Max and give it to him! Of course he wanted to just plop it down right on him...we're still learning to be careful around Baby Max. He's such a good big brother though, and I loved having kid(s)! to take pictures of! It's so fun to say my kids or my boys! I am loving this!

Master Pumpkin Decorators!

Hard at work!!!
He loves brother!
I just caught this at the right time!
My TWO handsome boys!


Christine said...

I love that you can stick stuff ON the pumpkin instead of making a mess of it - they look so cute!

Mom/Kim/Jewel said...

Alan says he loves "Mr. Pumpkin Heads"! Awesome idea! The boys are adorable, as usual!

tamster17 said...

Such a cute idea! And A LOT cleaner to say the least! Loved seeing them lined up on your steps as we drove by.