Sunday, November 2, 2008

Moo...that's cow for Happy Halloween!

Alright! I am finally blogging about all the fun we had this week. This year had to be a much more fun Halloween for Gavin than the last. Not only did he get to try his hand at "Trick or Treating", but this year he got to EAT the candy!

The day before Halloween we had the annual Smith Family cousin's party at Keith's moms. With 17 grandkids it would be practically impossible for Keith's parents to see them all dressed up any other way. We play a couple games, do a craft, read some stories and do a little mini "Trick or Treat" around the backyard. I think the kids enjoy it. Gavin mostly enjoyed playing in his WHITE cow costume in the sandbox. He was pretty cute.
All the Smith family cousins minus Ashlyn who wasn't very happy. (Well neither was Caleb as you can see from this picture...)
Every Halloween we go to my dad's neighborhood party. They have big soup potluck and TONS of food (because Cobbley's don't do anything without food!). And then everyone has their trunks decorated and we take the kids "Trunk or Treating" around the cul-de-sac. Gavin was sooooooo cute and started saying "Trick or Treat" all on his own. Then they would give candy to Gavin and Kenna and they would both say "THANK YOU!!!!" Such polite little kids! Gavin got quite a bit of candy (Thank you Grandma Marcia and Grandpa Jerry....) and the after effects of this are shown below. And the best part about Halloween??? It's OVER! I'm really not a big fan and I was just really excited to change my blog background again......I know, PATHETIC! (Susan, I'm making you a new header tonight!)

My awesome sister in law Heather decorated these cupcakes for me to take to my dad's party.

Gavin and Kenna sharing candy

My dad's truck decorated

Poor cow.... :(


tamster17 said...

The only thing I like about Halloween is seeing all the kiddos dressed up! I am up to my ears in candy and chocolate and tired of the way my kids act on sugar overload! Gavin looks adorable as a cow! Sounds like you guys had a fun time at all the parties and such! That monster cupcake character is WAY cute and creative!

Soren and Sandy said...

Oh he is the cutest cow I ever saw!! And I absolutely adore the picture of his costume...AFTER halloween! He enjoyed his candy!

Cory, Jeri, Brock & Parker T. said...

Gav is such a cute littl cow. I think Halloween is one holiday that gets even better as they get older.

The Martin's said...

Haha! How how fun!

Edwards Family said...

Poor cow indeed, how cute!!