Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kinzie's Baptism pics

I really try hard not to post the "oooooo, look at what I did" stuff on my blog, but I really can't resist sometimes when some things are just so cute! (And honestly, if you don't want to look at my stuff...why are you reading my blog anyway?) My darling cousin, Kinzie, is getting baptized in October and her mom asked me to take some pictures of her. Isn't she a doll??? I was soooooooo excited to see these and I have way more pictures than anyone will ever do anything with, but oh well!!! So, this really isn't a look at what I did blog, because, well, she's just photogenic. I'm so proud of Kinzie for choosing to be baptized and I'm really excited I was able to help out for her special day.


Soren and Sandy said...

Gorgeous pics!!

Cory, Jeri, Brock & Parker T. said...

AMAZING! She is a beautiful little girl and you did some amazing photography.

tamster17 said...

Fun pics! I like the first one when she is looking up the best! Great job Janelle!