Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We had a great Christmas with our family. Gavin was really excited about Santa this year. Actually, he was really excited for Comet to come :) It was the funniest thing...I don't know where that came from! We had our family Christmas that morning, went to Keith's parents for lunch, my dads to visit after that and then down to my mom's for her Christmas party. It was a big day, but Gav had so much fun and Max was very good. My camera died after the morning festivities and I never charged it so I'll have to steal some pictures from my mom from that night, but here is the fun we had opening presents Christmas morning....(you will also notice that someone has been playing with settings on my camera and it says 12/24/08...promise it was 12/25/09 but Max might wonder one day why his birthday was in 09 but she showed up in pictures from 08 :)

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