Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taking it too far

So we all know of my love for couponing and great deals...I've made no secret of that. It's fun and it's always helpful to save money. Lately I've realized that there are quite a few others in the world who coupon and I'll be honest, I sometimes feel a little guilty because I get frustrated when I don't get to a deal fast enough and I miss out. Sometimes I don't want to share my awesome finds. I have to take a step back and realize EVERYONE needs/wants/likes to save money.

So, that said. Smiths is doing their coupon rounding again. I was really excited about it, and then looking at the list there just wasn't a ton of the super great deals that I wanted. I decided I didn't need to go first thing this morning. I'm not patting myself on the back saying that I was so kind to save stuff for everyone else because that honestly wasn't the reason I didn't was sheer laziness. BUT...reading comments others have left on couponing blogs has made me laugh and glad that I didn't go. For instance...

The Smith's Marketplace is Lehi opens at 7am. I was there at 7:45 because I had to do my shopping this morning anyway, and thought I would try and catch some of the deals. The shelves were of course cleared out of all the free or nearly free stuff. I was kind of expecting that, but I wasn't expecting the attitude of some of the couponers. I was embarrassed to be there! Almost everyone I saw had there big coupon binders with them. Some of them even had 2 carts. They were just being very selfish and I was embarrassed to be associated with them as a couponer myself. I walked by one lady and I joking said to her, "Oh you're the one who got away with all of the Texas Toast Croutons!" (She had at least 20 bags in her cart) She snapped back, "I was the first one in the door for a reason!" I really wanted to tell her that she wasn't following the etiquette of of being a courteous couponer, but I felt it wasn't worth the battle. Some people just don't care to share the deals with others. One other lady was standing by the Bounty paper towels and said, "I am not leaving here until they restock this shelf!"

SERIOUSLY?!?! People really acted like that? Has it really come to that? What a sad sad world filled with crazy coupon ladies...please don't consider me one of them :)


Rheanna said...

That's hilarious! I have ladies in my ward that are like that so I often avoid couponing just so I'm not lumped in with them :o) Maybe I just need to go to the stores when there's a good deal just for a good laugh!

Cory, Jeri, Brock and Parker T. said...

Oh Janelle, I love you!! People are crazy. Like some people mow their lawn 15 times a day!! Hahaha!
PS That is such a great pic of you and Gav.

mistieleigh said...

funny. i love that you made a comment to her in the store. lol. i know what you mean about wanting to keep your "in the know" stuff secret...i am so the same way. :) However, having said really need to teach me one day. You can share your secrets with me...i wont tell anyone. I am so out of the loop.

Megan B ♥ said...

WOW. I was a power couponer several years ago, but it got a little intense for me, staying up at night obsessing over my shopping plan the next day, making spreadsheets of all my savings, and stockpiling toothbrushes for the entire neighborhood for the next millennium.

Eeesh. I do miss the savings though. Sounds like I'm missing out on some interesting encounters too!

Oh well... I guess you'll have to shop at Walmart or something. Shall I meet you by the chicken on Wednesday around 9? LOL!