Sunday, February 27, 2011


I thought for sure I would have more to blog about in February, but now I feel like I'm too busy to blog, rather than having NOTHING to blog about. Although I'm busy...I still don't have much to blog about.

The boys are GROWING so much every day. Gavin says the funniest things and I'm going to start posting his "Gavinisms" more regularly. I have a running list that I write down of silly stuff he says because I just don't want to forget any of it. My favorite as of late was, "Mom, which one is my sweet tooth?" Even when he is being so CHALLENGING he can always make me laugh. He is suddenly very into Super Heroes and we must refer to him only as "Super Power Guy". He keeps saying he wants to have a Spiderman birthday party, but I can't picture a really cool spiderman cake yet so I'm getting nervous :) He loves preschool and anything to do with cutting, glueing, stapleing and drawing (or drawlering as he says.) I love all of his little crafts and I'll admit it's sometimes hard for me to part with them because I know how proud he is. I just can't keep them all because of the clutter, but I try and take pictures of his creations. Thank Heavens for digital cameras so I can immortalize these moments!

Speaking of CHALLENGING, Max is certainly to that age! He is into EVERYTHING and climbs on EVERYTHING. It's so amazing to watch all that he can do, and I try and keep in mind that he is just exploring his abilities and this world that he has only know for 16 short months. It's probably been the fastest 16 months of my life but I can't imagine what it was like without him. He just really fits in. He is showing so much understanding of the things I say. If we're looking at a picture I can ask him where his brother is and he immediately will point to Gavin. He also has caught on to folding his arms when it's time for a prayer, which I think is so incredibly sweet! He's been giving people "5" for about 2 weeks now, but just this morning he held out his hand and said, "Five?" as best as he could. It was just one of those random melt-my-heart-because-that's-my-baby moments. He is growing up SO FAST and I find myself wishing every day it would just slow down a bit.

I love my boys. They are amazing.

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The Fredericks said...

thanks for the update!
i love your boys!