Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gavin's 1st Birthday!

I can hardly believe my little baby is 1. The night before his birthday, I think I finally realized how fast the time has gone. I was driving home from the gym and looked and the clock and thought of how I was just getting to the hospital a year ago. Then it hit, and next came the tears. I am not a big crier...especially over sentimental things. Something about being a mom must change that and I think I've cried more in this past year than I ever have in my life.

Gavin's birthday was a nice day. He didn't get much of a nap in and was pretty tired by the time the party got here, but he did well. I think the presents had something to do with that! He was spoiled by his grandparents. Gavin's favorite toys in the whole world are balls. He could play with them for hours. He ended up with a bunch of them last night and was loving chasing them around everywhere. It was so cute.

He had a puppy themed party and shared his puppy cupcakes with everyone. He had a bigger cake version for himself and as you can see from the pictures, really enjoyed that! He was all boy about eating his cake. Luckily he loves taking a bath and he didn't mind taking one after all of the mess!

I've very proud of my son. I found myself telling him last night that I was proud of him and I will always love him no matter what. I hope he will come to know that as he gets older. I am so thankful for him and Keith. I have a wonderful little family and couldn't ask for more. It's sad to think that I won't ever have Gavin as my "little" (haha, I know he was never truly little) baby, but I'm really looking forward to this lifetime I have to spend with him. Actually, I'm looking forward to spending eternity with him. I love you, Gavin.


Jennifer said...

I can't believe he's a year old. Where does the time go?!? He's adorable all covered in cake. Strange as it is, I am looking forward to little Isaac all covered in cake in a few weeks too!

The Gatherum Family said...

He is such a doll Janelle. Just wait, all of a sudden he will be going to Kindergarted registration...Time really does fly. I love his new haircut and the party looks like so much fun!

Cory, Jeri, Brock & Parker T. said...

Okay, so now I am crying from this post. I can totally relate, everyday I wonder where the time has gone. Sometimes I wish I could trap my kids in the ages they are right now. Happy Birthday Gav, we cant wait to watch you grow.