Sunday, April 6, 2008

A mother's job never ends...

Ever just had one of those days? That was today for me! I thought it would be a nice, relaxing, general conference day, but I was wrong. Gavin woke up early, which I really didn't mind. This way he would be able to get a nap in before our traditional between conference sessions lunch. He had a bottle and started playing, being really good. He always gets into a drawer in the kitchen, so it just has lids in it that he can play with. I was sitting at the table, saw him playing with those and didn't think anything of it. Then he crawls over to me after a bit, and I get this strong wiff of something that smells very vinegar like. I can't figure out where it is coming from, and I know there is no way Gavin could have gotten into the vinegar as it is not in reach. I pick him up and realize he is soaked! I'm still trying to figure out what he got into when I walk over into the kitchen and realize he has pulled the Jet Dry out from under the sink, opened it somehow, and poured it all over the kitchen floor! I realize I probably should have been keeping a better eye on him, but I have been asking Keith all week to hang those cabinet locks we got. I went and woke Keith up and told him he had to watch Gavin in the tub while I cleaned up the kitchen floor. As I'm cleaning the floor, I am vaguely reminded of the time that Keith was fixing the clogged sink and for some reason plugged the other side of the sink and left the water running and forgot about it. He left the house and I walked into the kitchen sometime later to a flooded floor! So the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree I guess.

Then my jello/pudding dish I made doesn't set up, Gavin's clothes are taking forever to dry, we're running late to get to dinner....I got to hear like 1 conference talk because I had spent all of the early morning cleaning Gavin up, the floor, getting him fed, down for a nap, etc. and now I had to get myself ready. We had lunch, watched conference, which I heard none of again because of all the kids running around and watching my own kid. It's a good thing I can read conference later, or watch it online.

Also, my house is a pigsty, but Gavin gets into everything I am trying to clean up, he was too tired to relax and go to bed and I am exhausted. And guess what? We get to do it all over again tomorrow :)

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