Friday, April 25, 2008

Gavin's 1st Birthday...again!

Gavin is lucky enough to have 3 sets of Grandparents, and some great-grandparents, which meant another party! Lucky him! Grandma Amy, Grandpa Cobbley, Aunt Tris, Aunt Tay and Aunt Logan, plus Grandma Marcia and Grandpa Jerry all came to visit Gavin this past Sunday. We enjoyed dinner, opened some presents and Grandma Amy had made Gavin another very special birthday cake for him to smash....again! I joked that the person who made the cake had to give the bath. She really even offered afterwards, but I wasn't about to let her! It was so nice of her to do the cake for him, and it was DARLING, as you can see! I finally got the frosting ring off of the bathtub after all of the cake. I think all in all, Mr. Handsome enjoyed his 1st birthday!

I just thought this was cute! He must have been excited!

Gavin with Aunt Taylor
His cute cake!
The best part!

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