Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fuzzy Friends

My dad and step-mom went to Yellowstone a couple of weeks ago and brought Gavin back some moose slippers. We put them on him the night they gave them to him and I have hardly gotten them off since! I wasn't sure that he would think they were that cool to walk in, but he loves to wear them! If they are not on his feet he brings them to me and lifts his foot up for me to put them on him! Keith called them his fuzzy friends because that's what the tag said and now anytime we say, "Where's your fuzzy friends?" he will go and find them or point at his feet. Smart little guy to pick up on that! Anyway, I finally took some pictures of him with them on and as you can see they are about all he had on! That is how much he loves them, he gets right out of the bathtub and wants them on. Forget the 90 degree weather!

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tamster17 said...

That is just way too darn cute! It's so funny -- you never know what they will latch onto so strongly. Love the pics!