Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Morning at the Aquarium

We finally got out of the house and did something today. We went to the aquarium with my sister in law and her 2 girls. Gavin LOVED it! I didn't think he would really be all that interested, but he just sat in his stroller and stared at all of the fish tanks! It was cute. He loved splashing in the little touching pool thing and he LOVED looking at the sharks. They kept swimming right in front of his face and he kept saying..."Whoa!" It was so funny. He was standing on a little ledge looking at a tank and slipped and hit his lip. He screamed a bit and then ran and splashed a little more. I think it scared me more than him. The ledge was only a foot off the ground, but that's got to be a little higher feeling to him than me. Naturally I forgot to bring my camera...I'm really good at that. So here are some pictures from my cell phone.
Gavin and his cousin Katie. They wouldn't hold still so this is extra fuzzy.

He thought pushing the stroller was much better than riding in it.

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The Martin's said...

Fun!! I wanna do something fun with Gavin and Banelle soon!! Everyone else gets to! I am feeling left out ;)