Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Austin!

Yesterday was my brother Austin's birthday. I tried to post this, but we all know my feeling about blogger lately....

So Austin is the big 1-8! I can't believe he's that old. I still remember him coming home from the hospital. He was such a cute baby, and has always been cute. And now here he is, a very handsome young man. It's sort of bittersweet to see one of my baby brothers this old. I'm proud of him, and excited for him, but I still miss the little boy.

I love Austin because he is very kind hearted and VERY witty. He always has something clever to say, one thing I probably admire because I NEVER think of clever things to say! I also love that Austin is never afraid to show his love. I think a lot of guys his age have to show this big tough guy complex, but not Austin. We all know he's tough, and we all know he loves us. I love you too, bud. Happy Birthday!

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