Friday, October 16, 2009

Updates and random things I want to remember...

No...I still haven't had the baby.

Gavin is OFFICIALLY potty trained! Thrilled with this! He amazes me. I mean, I know every kids gets potty trained eventually, but I bet every mom is this amazed when it finally happens! I am so proud of him and what a good job he has done!

Because he started going on the potty, we got him a new movie. Monster Vs. Aliens. It's really a pretty funny movie and for some reason he loves it. He really isn't a movie/TV kid and will watch it for a bit, then do some other things and then go back to it, but he really likes this one. The best part is when we drive somewhere and he will describe a whole scene to me. I always can't believe the things he picks up on and remembers. There is one part in the movie where they talk about going to Fresno and for some reason he is now obsessed with Fresno. He is convinced that the Purple Turtle is in Fresno because I told him that it was there one day so he would stop crying about going to Fresno. Now whenever we go he says, "Mom...we're in Fresno! Grandpa's Turtle is in Fresno!" Silly boy!

Gavin loves to say his prayers at night. He calls them his "Heavenly Fathers" instead of prayers. I always ask him how they start and he says, "Heavenly Father" and then I'll say "Thank you..." and he always says, "Thank you for this day." Then I will say thank you again a bunch of times and he fills it in with things we did that day, family memebers and kids in nursery. It's so cute! A couple of times when he has fallen asleep in the car on the way home from somewhere and we have just carried him up to bed; he has woken up in the middle of the night and wanted to say his prayers because he remembered that he hadn't! How cute is that???

The other day Gavin found a pin from Keith's mission that says the England London Mission. He said, "mom, what's this?" I said, "A pin from Daddy's mission." Gav: "Oh. I want to go on my mission." (We pray for Uncle Coco to decide about his mission everynight so I think he's sort of grasping this....) Me: "Ok, when you get older buddy you can go on your mission." Gav: "Yea, when I get big like daddy."

Speaking of Daddy...he is Gavin's favorite person in the world right now. Everything is, "My daddy daddy that." "Those are my daddy's" "I want Daddy to come home..." "me and daddy do guy stuff..." I love it! I'm so thankful for a wonderful husband and father that Gavin can look up to.

The other day, Keith and Gavin took me to my doctors appointment and while I was there, Keith took Gavin to Artic Circle to eat and play in their playland (no wonder he likes Daddy...I always tell him the slides are broken.....!). My doctors office is attached to the hospital and so when they were dropping me off, Keith told Gavin that this is where Baby Max would be born. Usually we say, when Baby Max comes home, or gets out or something, we haven't really taught him the word born. Well, then next night we're driving somewhere and Gavin says: "Mom, I want daddy to take me to the hamburger place when Baby Max gets boring..." I laughed so hard! Apparently he has heard the word boring a lot more than born and so that's the word that came to his mind!

I was downstairs folding laundry one day and was ready to go put it away upstairs and I said: "Gav...I'm going to put the laundry away. Are you coming upstairs with me."

Gavin: No, I'll stay downstairs."
Me: K, bud see you in a minute.
Gavin: ACTUALLY, I think I will come upstairs.

Where did a 2 year old pick up how to use Actually??? Again, he is amazing!

I love Gavin so much. He is such a joy in my life and such a good boy. I'm lucky to be entrusted as his mother and I am so looking forward to having another sweet baby boy. I'm so curious to see if he is at all like Gavin. I could have all boys and be just fine with that. I'm just lucky to be a mother.


Alex said...

That is funny! I love the "boring" baby Max!

Me said...

He's lucky to have YOU for his Mama! SO cute!

Soren and Sandy said...

Oh my heck! Too adorable! I wish I could meet him!!

Cory, Jeri, Brock and Parker T. said...

Darling post, darling boy, darling MOM!

Mom/Kim/Jewel said...

Great way to never forget these fun moments and cute sayings!! All of yours, Brittani's, and Austin's are written down somewhere. Wish I would have had such luxuries back then. Glad you do though!! You are a great mom and Gavin and Max are very lucky!

The Martin's said...

Gav is such a little sweetheart! He is lucky to have such a great Mommy!