Thursday, May 13, 2010

Any other Gleek's out there?

I am OBSESSED with the TV show "Glee". Are there any other watchers out there? I can't get enough!

I remember when they were shamelessly promoting it and thinking, "Seriously, who is going to watch a show about a show choir? I was even in show choir, and I'm not going to watch that!"

But of course, I just had to take a little peek and see what it was all about...and next thing I know, I had watched the entire pilot. Thanks goodness for so I could watch the next 2 episodes I had missed. And yes, I watched them all in one night.

What do I love about it?

1. THE MUSIC! Everyone on the show does their own vocals, it's amazing! I long to live in a world where we all spontaneously break out in song over the things going on in our lives...The above link is of one of my favorite songs on the 1st soundtrack if you're interested in hearing it. I listen to the soundtrack 4 millions times a day and think it's amazing. I start every single day off with "Don't Stop Believing" and Max loves when I sing loud and dance around the kitchen :)

2. Sue Sylvester. She's hilarious. The lines she throws down...side-splitting, gut-wrenching FUNNY.

3. The high school atmosphere. I'm a total nerd, but I was one of those people who absolutely loved high school. My love for it probably had something to do with being in show choir, but I just remember having so much fun. Jr. High was so awkward and uncomfortable and high school felt so normal to me. I loved being involved in things, and there was so much to be involved in.

4. The performances. It takes me back. Back to those moments where we've made it to the finals and the lights are dimmed and the announcer says, "And now, performing their competition set....Southeast Polk's RAMIFICATION!" Cue lights and the acapella beginning to "I Can See Clearly Now". I lived for those moments. I'm living vicariously through "Glee" because I'm never going to experience those moments again. {Insert tears here} I'm not going to lie...every so often I whip out one of my old VHS tapes (now do you see why I still have a VCR Jeri and Carlie???)and relive those moments.

Here's a couple little teasers for you...ya know, just in case you're interested in joining the "Gleek" club...


The Edwards Family said...

You are such a NERD, and yet I still think you are REALLY cool!

Rambling Again said...

Loved the post. I will have to check it out. By the way, choir practice still starts at 10:00 each Sunday. :) We can make arrangements for the boys if needed.

Soren and Sandy said...

Lol, I still haven't figured out the whole Glee thing. Everyone was telling me I would just LOVE in since I was in show choir, but to be honest...I've watched almost the whole season trying to figure out what the big deal is. I keep thinking...there must be something I am missing. Sue drives me nuts. Can't stand see? I just must not get it. Lol, I do love that blond ditzy cheerleader...her one liners kill me! Anyway, I'll keep trying...cause I sure feel left out and like I am seriously missing something big...I'm set on figuring it out. ;-) Glad you like it so much! It helps to hear your point of Maybe I can figure it out lol

Rheanna said... husband is a TOTAL Gleek! I watch it with him and there are definite moments, but I don't think I'm sucked in nearly as much as either of you. Naomi's middle name is Caroline and my kids always ask Justin to skip to Sweet Caroline on the Glee you aren't alone!

Terrell and Kellie said...

I like Glee! I've been disappointed with a couple of the episodes recently tho! But, I liked this weeks!!! :)


Julie and Brandon said...

I LOVE Glee! It is pretty much the highlight of my week. I think it's great that I am not the only one :)

Megan B ♥ said...

Two gigantic Gleeks live here. We have to keep rewinding Sue's lines so that we can laugh and LAUGH and LAUGH. She has the BEST script of the whole show!