Saturday, May 1, 2010


I have never been a great seamstress. Give me some yarn and a crochet hook and I could make you whatever you wanted, but a sewing machine and thread...uh....blank stares commence.

Britt so gracious taught me the basics a couple months ago when I wanted to make a carseat cover. She was so patient with me even though I know it would have been much easier for her to just do it. Since learning that, I practiced by doing 2 more carseat covers and cutening (I'm making that a word) up some burp clothes.

I decided it would benefit me to learn how to read a pattern and I found some really cute fabric I wanted to make something out of. Naturally one would assume that a pattern being so bold to state, "It's so easy, it's Simplicity" would be great for a beginner, so I picked that brand and decided to make a bag.

A couple of hours later and a lot of re-reading instructions that made NO SENSE to me, I did it! I'm not sure that it's EXACTELY what the pattern called for but it's definitely useable! Keith was with me while I was working on it and I said to him, "You know if this works I'm going to be ridiculously excited about it." Cue blank stare from Keith. Then when I finished it I put my church stuff in it and said, "Hey look! It works!" He asked me what I expected it to do. Sometimes boys just don't get it!


Mom/Kim/Jewel said...

I love that fabric too!! Awesome job. If you need some help (it appears that you do not) you could always ask the your mommy who knows how to sew but never thought to teach you. :( Sad huh!

Me said...

I LOVE that fabric! Way to go, Janelle! It's kind of ironic, but I find the Simplicity patterns sometimes seem like the hardest patterns to understand! LOL!

mistieleigh said...

wow! You figured it out. i knew you would when i saw how far you had it already done. now you can teach me! :)

Cory, Jeri, Brock and Parker T. said...

Oh, I wish I would have looked at it at church today.