Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend in Review

With Keith's new schedule we have sort of had a 4 day weekend :) It was actually really nice and I am pleased with all that we got done! We took a trip to the aquarium with some of our favorite people Keaton and Julie. Julie watched my boys last week for mutual night and said they were like part of her family. Keaton decided that if we are family we will now be reffered to as the "Smaucoms" (Smiths and Baucoms) I thought it had a nice ring to it!

Friday was spent doing some stuff in the yard and Keith worked on our new playset we bought for the backyard. There were some ducks in our yard and Gavin was so excited! "Look Mom, there's my duckies!" It was so cute to watch him look at them. I finally got some of my flowers planted. I wasn't being just snowed the week I bought them...LAME!!!

Saturday was the race and then I spent the day planting the garden while Keith finished the playset. I don't want to brag, but I'm going to take a little extra pride this year in the garden because I planted it all by myself! Gavin may have "helped" a bit. I sometimes wonder why I even plant a is so much work. The worst part is weeding it. I'm getting sick just thinking of that! It is always so nice to have fresh veggies though. Nothing beats fresh tomatoes right out of the garden! Oh...and these yummy sweet vinegar cucumbers the mom in law taught me how to make...I'm starting to remember why I do this!

Sunday...mothers day! 135 miles of driving...yikes! It wasn't too bad. We went to my dad's ward to hear him and my brother, Colton, speak. They both did great and it was nice to hear them share their testimonies. We didn't get to spend much time with Amy, and I ended up getting her the same thing as my dad (haha!) but she was so creative and gave us airwick air freshners with a paper that said how sometimes being a mother was kinda "stinky" and then it had a really nice thought from Pres. Hinckly about mothers. I need to type it up and put it on here because I thought it really put motherhood into perspective. She's always so creative and thoughtful. Afterwards we drove back up to Sandy to visit the mom in law, aka Mom #3 :) Unfortunately we didn't know their church time had changed and we spent an hour and a half hanging out at their house without them! We did have a nice visit once they came home. Then it was back to the car to drive down to Spanish Fork to visit my mom. I had planned dinner and we had our own personal "Cafe Rio". It turned out so great! We topped off the dinner with some fried ice cream and then relaxed in my mom and Al's 30ft hot tub....well, it's their pool that is nicely heated while the weather still isn't cooperating. I thought it was a perfect day, minus the fact that I never got a nap...

I forgot to take the picture before the eating commenced.... ;)


Mom/Kim/Jewel said...

THANK you Janelle taking so much time out of YOUR Mother's Day to help make mine so SPECIAL!!! The thoughtfulness and time you put into the "Cafe Rio Meal" was very much appreciated. I am so lucky to have a daughter that reminds me of why I Love being a MOM! You went above and beyond for me and so many others!!! It was wonderful to have you all here for me, thanks for planning such a wonderful day! I love you!

mistieleigh said...

wow! Cafe Rio salads? and you made them? and even had the tin foil containers? you are the real deal. And that is so nice you took the time to go see everyone on YOUR mothers day are very thoughtful!

Soren and Sandy said...

So I was watching this ancient home video from 89...and dude, your boys look JUST like you! It's crazy! Such cuties just like their mommy!