Thursday, December 16, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

Each year we go to my parents ward Christmas party for Breakfast with Santa. I was so surprised this year when Gavin asked if we were going to "my dads" church to see Santa. I didn't know he would remember it from last year. He was so excited for it, and I really enjoy being with my family and not having to stand in line at the mall for the Big Guy. Gavin was all about sitting on his lap but I noticed as he got a little closer in line he was tensing up just a bit. He still hopped right up there and talked to Santa for awhile. Let's face was probably more than any other kid because, hey, it's Gavin, and I'm pretty sure he never stops talking!!!



And while I'm sure this Santa picture doesn't even compare to my friend Tori's (Seriously, Tori, I'm still laughing!) I thought this was pretty funny


Steve said...

The best part was after he talked to Santa, he watched him, then wanted to go back and talk some more.

Tori and Steve said...

Awesome!! What we do as parents to get a good photograph!! Your boys are so stinkin' cute!! I think Gavin looks so much like you!!