Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Family Get Together

Last Sunday my mom and 2 of her sister had a little get together at my mom's house. It's always fun to see our extended family. We had dinner and just hung out. My brother has a scooter that he decided he was going to show me how to ride. I am a HUGE chicken on things like that so I was being pretty whimpy and he just hopped right on behind me and took off! I screamed the whole time, but finally warmed up to the idea of trying it by myself. Other than that, everything was pretty low key and I just enjoyed talking to my family. Gavin played so hard with his cousin Kenna. He loves going to Grandma's house because there are TONS of balls for him to play with. He walks around throwing them everywhere and yelling, "Ball!" at everyone. Here are a couple pictures of my family!

My brother Austin and his fiance Chelsea
Me and my cousin's wife Emily
My cousin's Riley and Aubree

My cousin's Blake and Amanda playing Wii bowling
My niece McKenna
My sister, my mom and I

Yes, my son can fit a golf ball in his mouth!
My brother, his finace, my cousin Jon, his wife Emily Gavin, Keith hiding, and me

Our Little Family

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bpetersen said...

What's with the date on this one? I didn't even realize it was hear until I started scrolling down looking at old pictures! :) Gav's and Kenna were soo cute together!