Saturday, May 10, 2008


Gavin has found that he now understands what a phone is for...well, sort of! He gets the basic idea, that you hold it up by your ear, but whether or not he understands that the voices coming out of it are talking to him....that's still to be determined! It was the cutest thing the first time I noticed him doing it. I kept pretending someone was on the phone for him and then I would hand it to him and he would put it up by his ear. I decided to call Keith and have Gavin try it out with a voice on the other end. I called and said, "Daddy, Gavin wanted to call you." Then I handed Gavin the phone and said, "Say hi dad". I kid you not, clear as dad the kid said it. Now every once in awhile he will say hi. And when you say hi to him, most likely he will pick up the closest thing he can and hold it up to his ear, be it toy, sock, or just his hand! Naturally, he hasn't quite figured out which way it goes up to his ear, and sometimes he thinks it's still just something you throw...but it's cute all the same!

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