Thursday, June 26, 2008

Swimming with Aunt Britt and Kenna

Aunt Britt (my WONDERFUL sister) bugged us all summer last year to go swimming, but I was too chicken as a new mom and decided I had to follow that "no sunscreen on your kids until they are 6 months old rule". So that sort of held me back. Gav finally had his first trip to a "real" pool yesterday. Brittani's sister-in-law Ashly has a condo with a swimming pool and lets her go whenever. So big thanks to Ashly for the fun day too, even though she couldn't be there! We braved getting Gavin and Kenna all lathered up in sunscreen and hauled them and all of their necessary items to the pool. I wanted to take it really slow with Gavin so it wouldn't freak him out. I really want him to like swimming. He just played in the little shallow part pretty cautiously for awhile and watched the other kids. Then most of the other people were leaving and I made him get in a little more. He seemed a little afraid at first but I have a cool tube that he can sit in and I can hang on it on the other side and that made all the difference! He loved that, and was fascinated by the way his hands moved under the water. He also discovered splashing (though this is not a new thing because he's quite good at it, just ask my bathroom floor) and Britt got a great picture to capture this wonderful quality he has! We put Kenna in the tube and she jibber jabbered about who knows what the whole time and loved it too! Then I took the tube out with Kenna and Gavin snuggled right up to Aunt Britt and gave her loves. He loves her so much and I'm thankful for her as a sister and aunt. Thanks again Britt and Kenna, we love you!!!!
A little picture I like to call "The Esscence of a Splash" and no he is thrilled not crying!
Enjoying the "healthy" banana mommy brought for a snack.

REALLY enjoying the skittles Aunt Britt spoiled him with! Kenna was a much more dainty eater :)


bpetersen said...

I have to say... we have the cutest kids in the world! Kenna snuggled up to me today... maybe she learned from Gavs. :) Love you guys! Lets go swimming again!

tay said...

gavin is sooooooooo cute in there i want to see you guys soon

Cory, Jeri, Brock & Parker T. said...

I love swimming. I took Brock when he was 3 months. Both of our kids are like little fish. We should take the kids together real soon.