Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This weekend we went out camping for the first time this year. We were supposed to go with Keith's brother and his wife but that fell through so we went just the 3 of us and had a a really nice relaxing time! We ended up at Vernon Resevoir which was somewhere we had never been before. It was really crowded but someone must have left right before we got there because we ended up with a really decent spot! Gavin was an ANGEL the whole time, I was so impressed! He loved throwing rocks in the water and playing with his tractors. He is so cautious and it was nice to know that he wasn't going to get too close to the water or the campfire. We had rain one night and I always love when it rains camping because we have a trailer :) It stems from being younger and a bad trip to the Uintah's in a tent and the watermelon floating down the river. Dad, Amy and Brit will have a laugh at that one :)

Anyway, here's some fun pics! I'm so glad for the fun weekend I got to spend with my little family!


Steve said...

Can't wait for Yellowstone!!!!

bpetersen said...

He is absolutely my favorite little boy! I love all the pictures and Kenna loves looking at pics of Gav!!

love ya!

Soren and Sandy said...

I LOVE the picture where is has his eyes closed and is either sneezing or making a face!! Hilarious!!

Mom/Kim/Jewel said...

Beautiful pictures of all of you! Looks like everyone had a blast! Gavin is so full of life and fun -- I love that boy.