Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gramps and GG

The other day we were able to visit with my mom's parents who are here from New Mexico. The last time they saw Gavin he was only 5 months old so it was fun to be able to show them how much he has grown! I love my grandparents and am thrilled with anytime we get to visit. I didn't grow up near them and I think I've seen them in the last few years more than I saw them most of my life! I've always called my grandparents Paw-Paw and Gramma Peggy, but they decided they needed a different name for their 9 (soon to be 10!) great-grandkids to call them. They settled on Gramps and GG (for Great Grandma).

Gavin warmed right up to Gramps and I love his cute little face in this picture! You can tell just how much he loved Gramps reading to him!

Gramma Peggy taught my mom, Chelsea and I how to make Seafood Gumbo...the real Southern way! YUM! Some of the greatest memories I have of my Gramma Peggy are cooking things with her. I loved when we were visiting them in Lousianna before the hurricane and I learned how to peel fresh shrimp...with the heads on and everything! And she makes some of the most FABULOUS Po-Boys EVER!

I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was too busy visiting, but I'll post more that I steal from my mom!


Soren and Sandy said...

FUN FUN FUN!!!! And Paw Paw is like a great grandpa huh? And grandma a great grandma....weird...it just occurred to me. I know I am a dork.

The Martin's said...

He is so adorable!