Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cherry Hill

This week has been really busy around here. On Tuesday we went to Kaysville and went to Cherry Hill waterpark with my Aunt Kristi, her kids, and Britt and Kenna. It was a lot of fun! Gavin wasn't too brave at first and I think he was confused because he didn't have the whole pool to himself like at Grandma's. He eventually warmed up and would even go on the little waterslide by himself! He would go down and say, "I do again!!!!" It was pretty cute to see him so proud of himself! Aunt Kristi used to take us to Cherry Hill every summer when we would come out and visit my dad. I had to comment to her that I remember it being slightly more fun when I didn't have a 2 year old....No, it really was fun to take Gavin. I love to see him get excited about things and try new things. He's growing up so fast!
Kenna (I think she liked the cookies better than the water...)
My legs look sunburned...they aren't, I was just back might be a different story!
Brave little guy! He loved going down like this!
Blake had to "pose" before he would let me take his picture!
Gavin absolutely LOVES Aubree! It probably helps that she kept taking him to the slide!

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The Martin's said...

It looks like Gav had a blast!