Monday, July 27, 2009

Pioneer Day

We spent lots of time with the Martin's this week! For Pioneer Day we had a fun BBQ at our house with lots of YUMMY food! My sisters were still here and I was worried they would be bored, but they had so much fun playing with Jaxson and Ella! Ella LOVED Taylor and would not leave her side most of the night! It was so cute! All little kids love Taylor though! Jaxson and Logan had a blast riding on Gavin's Harley...I was glad it was getting some use! Gavin just like to sit on it! The guys put on a fireworks show and we laughed and played until well into the night. It was a blast! Thanks Martin's for the fun!

Best Buds!

Everyone loves Tay!

Too Cute!

Proof we had good food :)

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