Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good-bye Water

It's a very sad day in the Smith household. Oh who am I kidding, I've kinda been waiting for the day. Over a year a half ago you may remember this post about how we got a fish. Well, today (or maybe yesterday or the day before...) Water died. Let's just say I have never been awfully fond of changing the water in the fish tank and remembering to feed the dang thing. At first Gav thought it was cool, but he pretty much never looks at it or thinks about it, so it's just kind of this thing that sits on my counter and makes me do extra work. I even tried using it as my white elephant gift for a party but I ended up getting it back.

So I was maybe a little sad that I would have to tell Gavin he died, but I figured he would think the flushing of the fish would be cool. I sat down by him and explain that his fish died but it was okay because he went to Heaven. Gavin asked me if he was with Heavenly Father and I told him as much, to which he replied, "Is he going to fix him?" CUTE. Sure, I said, but he was always going to live with Heavenly Father now. "So we can get a new fish." My response, "I don't think so." I probably should feel like a bad mother for this but he honestly doesn't ever think about the fish. Gavin just kind of sat there and I said, "Hey! Should we go flush him down the potty?" "YES!!!!" and he jumped up and ran for the fish. Nice...I knew we would be ok with that part.

So we get the fish and the neighbor calls so Gavin has to explain to her that the fish died and that he's in Heaven to get fixed. He waits not so patiently for me to get off the phone and then we commence with the flushing. It goes like this:

Scoop out the fish
Dump in the potty
Dump disgusting fish water in with him
"Look mom! The water is making him swim around!" Gavin exclaims as we're dumping the water in.
"Yea, buddy, but he's still dead." (Can you tell I'm not one to dance around a subject?)
"I know, Mom. When can I flush him?"
"Go for it."
We watch fish swirl around and Gavin says, "Bye fish! Have fun in Heaven!"
I hide a chuckle and start to think, phew...we made it.
"Mom I'm just so sad my fish is dead." followed by sad face and eyes starting to tear up.
I panic and start to think I should have been much more sensitive about the situation...after all he is only 3...
"Oh sweetie, but he's happy now with Heavenly Father in Heaven."
"I know mom, I'm just so sad."
Crap, more tears threatening to overflow. I've really done it now...
"Come here, and I'll hold you."
He climbs on my lap, we hug for like 3.8 seconds
"Mom, I'm just going to go work in the garden with dad."
Hops off my lap and runs for the back door.
Sigh of relief...we're past it. Somewhere in the back of my mind I'm hoping I didn't psycologically damage him for later in life.
But for now...we're all ok. Well, except Water...


Mom/Kim/Jewel said...

Seriously -- you could win a short story contest with that one!! Love it. He is so adorable!! Goodbye Water! :( :)

sam c.hart jr said...

That was a precious moment. Loved that story.

Rambling Again said...

You're such a cute Mom. :)