Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Annual Smith Family Halloween Party

I'm not sure how many "annual" this is, but more than 3 because it was started before Gavin was born. Every year Keith's family gets together so all of the cousins can see one another's costumes and have a fun little party. If you know me or have been reading my blog for very long you should know something about me. I'm kind blah when it comes to stuff like this. Especially Halloween. I don't have a great love for it. I enjoy it a bit more now that I have kids and especially as they are getting older and understand it, but I've always sort of thought Halloween was for people who needed some reason to either A) Have a party and dress up because they have some inherent need to act like a child, or B) to dress sleezy. I'm sure part of my thinking is true, but I'm trying to realize that it could be fun for my kids too. I'm working on it.

Gavin knew for sure that he wanted to be Buzz Lightyear this year and I figured since Max didn't care I would make him be some sort of Toy Story Character. This year they came out with the little Alien Toy from the movie and it was cute. Too bad Max hates the head of the costume...which is the main part I might add.

It is always fun to see my nieces and nephews dressed up and excited about the holiday. We usually do a craft and some sort of game and have a meal. This year they colored a Halloween puzzle and played Halloween Bingo. We had chili and breadsticks and homemade mac and cheese. It was loud, crazy and fun.

Earlier in the day we decorated our pumpkins. You'll notice they are not my special ones we picked out from the pumpkin patch...those were stolen while we were camping. Who does that??? Thanks to a VERY kind and sweet neighbor who gave these to us!
I attempted to be cute and make these Mummy Oreo suckers for my trick or treat bags for the cousins...then I rememeber I have 2 wonderful little helpers and I'm not that cute...
Cute Ladybug Adalie. She hated her costume as much as Max. See I told you Halloween isn't all that fun....
The gang...and yes I have relatives who are adults and enjoy dressing up. Weirdos.

She is hilarious...Lauren was so in character for this part. She told me that Wednesday from the Adams family never smiles so she couldn't smile for my picture. (It's a good thing she told me because I have honestly never seen a single episode of the Adams Family...)
I loved Caden's hippie costume. But do you know what I love even more? The fact that the big gold couch he is sitting on is totally from that era too....
Even though I've never seen the show it seems like they got these costumes down just right...

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mistieleigh said...

I am sorry but i love when people get into Halloween. It really can be so fun... you need to let loose one of these yours. Funny i didn't see YOUR costume??? What were you?
Your families' costumes are the best. I wish i was creative to do something like the Adams family..that is seriously the cutest!
And i love your oreo suckers! They look professional.