Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh you poor deer....

It's hunting season again. You know, the time of year where I pray Keith doesn't get a deer because it could mean one of 2 things...A)If he gets a big one, another giant head to hang on my wall. (Luckily I don't know that you can really top the last one so hopefully we'll NEVER end up with another dead animal on the wall....) and B) There's deer meat to eat.

Well, my prayers went unanswered this year, but luckily it only means there is deer meat. I'm not kidding, I don't love deer meat, but I do love that Keith had a great time and was excited about getting a deer. (I'm also thrilled he got it on the first day and isn't going back out...) Not only did he get a deer, but his Dad and brother did too. They got back really late and I wouldn't have gone out to his mom's with the kids, but I thought Gavin would think it was pretty cool. He did. I know him all too well. We did have a conversation earlier in the day about deer hunting.

Gavin: Where's Dad?
Me: He's deer hunting.
Gavin: Do they shoot baby deer?
Me: No, they don't shoot any baby deer.
Gavin: What about the mommy deer?
Me: (About this time starting to realize that deer hunting is sounding pretty cruel...) No honey. They don't shoot the mommy deer, they take care of the baby deer.
Gavin: So they just shoot the daddy deer?
Me: (Yep, deer hunting is definitely on the cruel list after this conversation) I guess so buddy.

(Correct me if I'm wrong Mom or Dad, but didn't this conversation happen with one of us kids too?) He didn't seem particualry upset about this and went on with the rest of the day. Funny how it takes a child's eyes to make something seem so different than I've really thought of it. I guess it's ok when you think about how you'll be using the meat (which now means I'll have to eat the dang stuff....) but I now understand the appeal of deer hunting even less. Why someone would want to go sit around in the freezing weather hoping to shoot an animal...sorry all male relatives in my family...I will never understand.

HOWEVER, I get that it's something people do and people do enjoy it and I won't begrudged anyone their hobbies. I also had a lightbulb moment when I realized that in a few years I could have time to myself while the boys are all hunting :) I suppose that depends on just how many children we have and whether or not we have a girl, but for now a day to myself sure sounds nice! And the other benefit of this hunting season? I got to have my first ever, dead deer photoshoot...(I'm totally kidding by this. I am in no way a professional dead deer photographer...but you knew that, right?)


The following picture of Gavin totally cracks me up....
Just for comparison, here was Keith's first ever deer. Just in case you missed the giant head hanging in my house when you've been here...(I'm still taking suggestions for names for the thing...)Photobucket


As Told By Mommy said...

Gavin's awesome! I love that picture!

mistieleigh said...

lol. isnt it hilarious how their deer are seriously like trophies when they sit on the lawn and pose with their dead dear...really it cracks me up (my fam is the same way). i also will never understand the whole hunting thing either. :)

Tori and Steve said...

Love that photo of Gavin!! Love that the tongue is hanging out too!!
I don't get the hunting thing either, lucky for me, I didn't marry a hunter! Bless the hearts of all the women who did!!

Steve said...

If I remember Janelle you went for a walk with your mom and something similar was said about baby deer & mommy deer. Then you said "they shoot the daddy deer because they leave the mommy deer?

Mom/Kim/Jewel said...

Awesome photo of Gavie!! Yes Janelle, I actually went for a walk with Brittani when we lived in Alpine and out conversation was almost exactly like yours with Gavin. We saw a deer hanging from a tree. The difference was that Brittani said, "Do they shoot the Daddy deer cause they always leave the Mommies?" Funny how the minds of children are so similar.

Alex said...

I like the tongue hanging out. That is quite the thought process of Gavin. I wouldn't know what to say to him!