Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Every little boys dream...

SNOW! Gavin has been so excited for the snow to arrive. Naturally, the day that it really snows he wakes up with a terrible cold. Then yesterday we apparently had the "Bilzzard of 2010" but I must have missed that one. In any case, I was to my breaking point of being stuck inside with my kids, and finally decided that a little cold never hurt anyone. So I bundled Gavin up and sent him out. The brief 10 minutes I had to myself while Billsy was napping and Gav was outside...PRICELESS. I love them both to death but they are LOUD. Gavin NEVER stops talking. I mean never. I think I remember my school report cards when I was young saying something about me being an excellent student, I just talked a little too much. I envision this in Gavin's future. Then add into that the raw boyishness and well, you can understand why a quiet 10 minutes would be nice. As for Max...well, he's a baby #1 and #2, I think he's going to follow in the footsteps of his brother because he jibber jabbers all day long.

Look at that face!

Do you love how his snow pants don't fit? Don't worry, his boots don't really either! He just couldn't stand to wait. I'm sad because I've squeezed a lot of mileage out of this snow suit! You should have seen him walking in was hilarious! But it didn't stop him!

Usually this is what we get all day long from our sweetie...

But he's been yucky sick the past few days and we've had a bit more of this...

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bpetersen said...

I LOVE my BOYS!!!! Enough said! (Kenna's snow suit is way too small too! It's a 24 month you should have seen it on her. Hilarious!!!)