Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

The day of Trick or Treating I was so close to not even letting Gavin go. Seriously. The day was RIDICULOUS, HORRIFIC, THE WORST DAY EVER, slightly trying. I even threatened that we would not go trick or treat and my darling little first born looked and me and proclaimed he Didn't. Even. Care. This of course did NOTHING to bolster my enthusiasm over this holiday. Then right before it was time to go rained. So we headed out to my parent's neighborhood party hoping the rain would subside by the time we got there. It hadn't and we all huddled in my parents garage eating soup and breadsticks. FINALLY we got to trick or treat and Gavin was SUPER cute doing that (thankfully because he wasn't so cheerful when we got to my dads). He would tell everyone thank you and then to a couple people he would all of the sudden say, "Happy Halloween!" It was pretty cute. Sort of made up for the rest of the day. Sort of. I don't even have pictures of it because I didn't take my nice camera due to the rain and I took one picture of Gavin sleeping in the car and my point and shoot died. I really just couldn't win that day!

Max hated the hat on his costume so these are the best pictures we got. Let's hope for a better next year...we have 364 days to get it figured out...




The Fredericks said...

the cutest costumes. ever. :D

As Told By Mommy said...

Love the costumes! They are so cute!!!