Monday, March 28, 2011

Indulge me if you will...Jo Totes Camera Bag Post

There's a little craft blog out there called Tater Tots and Jello...ok, it's not so little, anyone who follows craft blogs knows about this blog! I'm not going to lie...I never enter her giveaways because she has WAY TOO many followers (lol...good for her bad for me!). This giveaway I just CAN'T resist! It's a camera bag made by Jo Totes! I don't know the rules about posting pictures from their site, so you'll just have to look at that link to see how GORGEOUS they are. Also COMPLETELY out of my price range for a camera bag! Anyway...I get an entry for blogging about the giveaway so here it is! I actually have a fairly good track record for winning blog giveaway, but never for something quite so great! I have a sis in law who wins things on the radio all the time (drives me nuts, I never have won and probably haven't tried in 1o years...) so hopefully I get to be her sister in law who wins on blogs :) Cross your fingers everyone!


Rheanna said...

Those are way cute! I NEVER win anything either! I enter giveaways on blogs that might even only have a few entries and I STILL can't win-I've given up on it mostly :o) Good luck!

The Cobbley Family! said...

haha i cant remember did you win??