Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Won't you be my neighbor?

We have THE BEST neighbors. Hands down. No one could ask for better neighbors than the Proulx family. If you know them, you know I speak the truth. If you don't know them, I'm sad for you!

Jeri has been teasing me for a week or so saying that "everyone needs a Janelle". I'm not kidding when I say everyone needs a Jeri. Really, she makes me happy and can make anyone's day better. She's one of the most fun-spirited people I know and I envy her discipline. That might sound silly, but I wish I could be as disciplined about things as she can. She loves my kids and they love her. She has been dying to poof up Max's hair and tried it the other wasn't really doing what we thought it would but it was fun.Photobucket
For awhile now, Cory has been telling Gavin that he has a dragon in his garage. He says that if you listen really closely, every once in awhile you can hear it growl. Knowing Gavin, I'm sure you can imagine how into this he is! He constantly asks me about it and needs to know everything about the dragon. Unfortunately, the dragon is invisible. We were over at their house the other night and happened upon a "dragon egg" (that slightly resembled a medicine ball) and for the rest of the night and into the next day it was all Gavin could talk about. He really wanted to make a nest for the baby dragon when it hatches. We did our best with some twigs, grass and hot glue and we now have a blue dragon egg resting in the nest. I know Gavin talks a lot and seriously just DOESN'T STOP, but it's so cute to watch Cory just listen to him and talk about the dragon with him. Photobucket
Cory and Jeri have 2 darling boys who I just love. They are so kind and fun and great examples to my boys. I'm so lucky that my kids have great role models right here to look up to. If my boys could be half as cute and good as the Proulx boys, I will be very pleased.
Thank you guys for being so great to us. I hope we are at least half as good neighbors as you guys!


The Mighty Murray's said...

How sweet! We love the Proulx family too! Happy birthday by the way!

Derek and Lisa said...

How adorable! :)

Dan and Katie said...

Amen!! I wish we could have just taken you all with us when we moved!! I miss having such great neighbors!

Cory, Jeri, Brock and Parker T. said...

Oh, you are so nice!!! Thank you for saying such nice things about us. We love your family so much and are thankful for you guys everyday. I hope you are having a fantastic birthday!