Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blue Bear's Birthday

Gavin has a favorite stuffed animal named Blue Bear. I might have coerced him into naming it that because I had a favorite bear in my childhood I named Blue Bear. In any case, it works because the stuff animal is a bear and well, blue.

Gavin LOVES birthdays. Loves is actually an understatement. He pretended it was my birthday every day for 3 weeks after my actual birthday. It was sweet and he would draw me pictures or pick me dandelions. I finally stopped having birthdays and we moved on to Blue Bear. It has literally be 2 weeks of every day, "Mom, it's Blue Bear's birthday today. Can we make him a cake?" So cute, but really EXHAUSTING. He constantly wants to decorate with streamers and balloons, sing happy birthday, light candles, the WHOLE she-bang. While at the grocery store the other day they had this silly little Lightning McQueen cake on a clearance rack and I said SOLD. It was pretty small and I thought would be perfect. Only problem was when we got home, Gavin wasn't patient enough to wait for me to take care of Max and put the groceries away. The cake may have sort of accidentally ended up dumped over on the floor. I thought we would have a melt down over this (him and me...) but I think he realized it was his fault and said, "It's ok, mom. Blue Bear likes it this way!" In any case, I never got a picture of the actual cake just the pile of cake that followed!
Looks like someone had a taste before we started!
Blue Bear is so excited for his special day!
The monstrosity cake that followed!
This picture just cracks me up because you can totally tell how into singing Happy Birthday he was!


Derek and Lisa said...

You're such a good mom!

bpetersen said...

I REALLY need to see him!!! I MISS HIM... (and you too!) Did you tell him it was Fo's birthday and we should have him over here for cake?? Let's do something this week PLEASE!!