Sunday, July 17, 2011

Maxabillion Update

I was looking through old blogs and realized I used to write more about how Gavin was growing and progressing...things he was doing. Poor Max hasn't gotten a lot of that. Maybe because I have two instead of one?!?! Whatever the case, I want to look back one day and know how Max was at this very moment.

I LOVE kids between 18months-2 years. It has to be one of the best times aside from those perfect little newborns. They are starting to learn so much and it just amazes me how these little personalities totally come out. Max is NO different and is truly so much fun! He is one of the most easy going, all around good kids. He is very much a momma's boy, but is happy to be with anyone else. He loves to copy and repeat things we do or say. He is starting to really get into what animals "say" and is best at Horse and Monkey.

He wakes up every morning and yells "Mom!" until I come to get him. He has to hand me every blankie he has in his crib and then his "baby" (stuffed giraffe from Aunt Carlie, that I think was actually given to Gav, but Max has claimed!) Then he will let me pick him and up and informs me he wants "pink" (strawberry milk). I set him down and he grabs all of the blankets and says, "A movie". Usually when he wakes up Curious George is on PBS and he LOVES George. Just about every single morning goes EXACTLY this way and I love that he is so routine.

He is great about taking naps and going to bed. Seriously. Easiest kid ever. You lay him down, cover him up and he waves and says "night-night". How on earth did I get that lucky?!

Max LOVES his cousin Paisley. They are just 2 months apart and he thinks she is just tops! They are so funny to watch together.

Every time we walk into any Walmart store, Max yells out "Daddy!" Which is cute that he seems to understand that dad works at Walmart. Or sad that we go there that much...jury is still out.

He also yells "Dad" whenever he sees someone on a motorcycle. Cute unless it's some scruffy biker dude smoking a cig...

He recently decided he loves talking on the phone. It's pretty cute. He also love Buzz Lightyear and his big brother. Not sure in which order.

I'm so proud of this cute, sweet boy I get to be a mother too. He brings so much joy and LIFE into our family. Love you more than words, Billsy.




Rheanna said...

Hes adorable! I have to agree that my favorite is his age where they just like a simple routine...and George-who doesn't love him!?

The Fredericks said...

I love him :)

mistieleigh said...

Max really does melt your heart...he is so cute. And CAN NOT cut those would be heart breaking. I remember my kids at this age and I remember a lot of those similar traits. I love it! So fun.

The Martin's said...

Love that little cutie! I miss him and his big brother!!