Monday, September 5, 2011

Mouse in the House

Oh how I wish this title was a the name of a Dr. Seuss book...but alas. No figure of speech here...just a real, live, squeaky, mouse in our HOUSE. NOT COOL! Keith and I had a late take out dinner after the kids had gone to bed and then we lounged around in the living room for awhile. Finally we decided it was time for bed and just as I laid down I realized I forgot my phone charger in the kitchen. Keith...great guy that he is...went to go get it for me.

Next thing I hear Keith in an excited tone of voice say, "Baby! We've got a mouse!" "A what?" I think I asked, clearly in denial. I ran out to help and the little thing had scurried behind the couch. We set up some things to block his pathway and keep him in the living room and Keith bravely moved the couch out. EW...there it was looking at me as I stood behind the fortress. It ran across the room and then while Keith was looking for some other things it ran back to the couch by me. It must have know that would be the quickest escape to the outside!

It was just a teeny little thing and not really gross looking, just quick and well, a mouse. We've never had a mouse (that we know of!) but we had a bunch of the glue traps and so Keith set some up around the room. You should have heard the two of us discussing how to best catch the thing. Thankfully the next time he moved the couch the thing came right for my fortress and stuck half of itself on the glue trap there. Oh the relief! It was gross to see it wiggling on there, but for the most part it was still. Now we had to decide how to dispose of it. I wish I was recording our conversation. I really felt like we should have been slapping high fives and cheering ourselves on, but I think Keith was past the brave point and had moved onto the dry heaving phase.... I was all for drowning the mouse in a bucket, but Keith wasn't too sure. I thought we should google what to do, but that's my answer for everything. Keith said if I googled "how to kill a mouse", PETA would probably show up at our door... In the end we just decided to sacrifice a tupperware box and scoop it into that and put it in the garbage outside. Keith was fine to do the scooping with the lid, but I really didn't want to clean up puke so just in case I did the scooping :) Just having it out of the house was SOOOOOO liberating!

I can't believe something so small and harmless was so fear inducing! I've only had 2 other experience with mice in my life...Once when Keith and I were dating and I have hilarious memories of him and my dad trying to catch the dang thing while Amy and I looked on. Then once when I was probably almost 9 months pregnant with Max, I went to throw out a pizza box in the recycle bin and stepped down out of my front door right onto the bum and tail of a mouse IN MY BARE FEET! It squeaked and disappeared while I screamed and dropped the pizza box. Ter-ri-fy-ing!

After all of it I had to laugh at how the room looked. Definitely a war zone, but at least we won! I'm so glad Keith was the one who went out to get my charger and as crazy as it was such a silly, fun moment that I enjoyed sharing with Keith. He may think I'm nuts for needing pictures...but I had to document it :) Everything in the name of the blog, right?

I had to document what the room looked like when we were done with this! I was standing behind this little fortress until it was trapped!!!!
We didn't want it running in any other rooms....
It ran back and forth between the living room once so we decided to put a stop to that and only let it hide under 1 couch!


Mom/Kim/Jewel said...

You can make every story interesting and fun. I am however mortified by the thought of that little mouse smothering in a tupperware container. You are a brave woman. If I would have heard the word malus I would have stayed in my bedroom until Alan took care of it!! Of course For the next month or so I would be paranoid that there would be another.

sam c.hart jr said...

You guys are so brave! I would have run screaming into the next county. Loved the pictures and the post.

Rheanna said...

Mice are the WORST, but I'm glad you took pictures so the rest of us could see the humor in the adventure :o)

mistieleigh said...

k. i love you got a picture of the poor thing! lol. so something i would do.