Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Cookies

My goal lately is to be a more fun mom. Let's face it....I'm really not a very fun person, I'm sorta lazy. So in a desperate attempt I faced making my most hated cookie ever...The Sugar Cookie. I knew Gavin would have fun with the cookie cutters so I just went for it despite all the nagging voices in my head reminding me how much I loathe making the dough, rolling it out, cutting it, baking them, waiting for them to cool, making the frosting, frosting you see my point here? I think what saved me is that awhile ago I scored some free boxes of cookie mix. I picked out the sugar cookie kind figuring that would make the process a little better. It really did! I think I will admit that I may have even had some FUN. Gavin sure enjoyed it and that made it all worth it! The original plan was to make all of these cute little egg cookies with the baby chick popping out...I got as far as 4 and then got too impatient. And they never look like they do in the pictures. Maybe I should start photoshopping my frosting smooth? We should have made more of those bunnies...I only cut one out thinking they would be a pain, but he turned out so cute! Fun Mom Attempt #1: Successful!


The Mighty Murray's said...

Well that's why you don't like doing it, you put way too much effort into decorating them. I'm all for slopping the frosting on, if they're good, they'll get eaten. Those are super cute!

Mom/Kim/Jewel said...

Amazing, once again. I think you are a very fun Mom!! So do Gavin and Max, they told me!