Saturday, April 3, 2010


Today was so much fun. It could have been really lame and boring since Keith was working, but we were able to enjoy the day with a lot of friends and family!

First we had a fun little egg hunt put on by 2 cute girls (upcoming Beehives!!!!) in our ward. They invited a few kids in the neighborhood. Gavin loved it! I kept telling him we were going to go find some eggs, but he didn't really get it until we were there. He was so cute running around picking up eggs. Thank you Jaussi family!

Then we had another hunt at my grandma and grandpa's. They did the cutest thing this year and put these papers in some of the eggs. They all had something you had to do or tell Grandpa in order to earn a dollar. I got a video of Gavin doing one of his tasks, but it's kind of hard to hear. Instead (if you are so inclined) you can watch him hunt for some eggs.

We had a weinie roast after with yummy salads and then played egg toss. Egg toss is one of my favorite traditions that we play every Easter at Grandma's. I remember being a kid and playing and I always have a blast. It was fun to watch Gavin throw some eggs around, even if he just like taking the eggs and throwing them at a tree. Maybe he'll figure the game out next year! I usually don't end up with egg on me, but I got it pretty bad this year. It was a blast. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for all you do!

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Mom/Kim/Jewel said...

So cute!! I love how he picks up a few and then leaves a couple right there in plain sight! Love that boy!!