Thursday, April 15, 2010

YW Activity

Last night was the first combined YW activity my advisor and I had to plan. Well, alright, it's really the first activity we have had to plan so far. I was pretty nervous about it to say the least. I don't know why I stress over things so much. I seriously wish someone would make one of those "chill pills" they are always saying to take...

We had the leaders drive and each car had a coin. The directions were to flip the coin at every stop sign or stop light and if it landed on heads you would turn right, tails turn left. The goal was to make it to the Jordan River Temple and they had 30 min. If they didn't make it there by then they were to stop flipping the coin and drive straight there. Our car made it out of Riverton to the S. Jordan Wal-Mart Parking lot, up to Sandy and then we ended up on the freeway. We had to bend the rules a bit seeing as how there wouldn't be a stop sign or stop light in our near future on I-15 (!) and just got off at the next exit. Eventually we just had to stop and drive to the temple where we met up with everyone else. No one had made it there by flipping the coin. (Although one group actually did make it to the Oquirrh Mtn. Temple!)
Once at the temple we talked about how we need to have a plan and follow a map to get to the temple. We can't just 'flip a coin' for all the decisions in our life. In order to prepare for a temple marriage we need to follow the 'road signs' that Heavenly Father has given us. I had a bunch of road signs printed and had a couple of the girls holding them up. They each took turns reading what was on the back (a Do Not Enter sign: Do not enter into temptation. Under construction: Your Future is under construction. It also said more than just what the sign was.) I shared my testimony of temple marriage and the plan was to have each girl write a letter to herself while she was at the temple to save until she was married but it was FREEZING so we went back to my house to do it. Before we left I told them all that we had followed the road signs and made it to the temple where we were married and now we were going to go back to my house for the 'reception'. Back at my house we had wedding cake and punch as our refreshments. I gave them each a picture of the temple with this poem printed on it and a penny glued to it:
So many paths, so many doors,
And choices all around.
Eternity, the perfect goal,
Is earned and not just found.
Call "Heads or Tails" while in the air,
The coin toss helps you choose.
Yet if you make your choice like this,
You'll be the one to lose.
Just stay along the narrow road,
And keep your choices straight.
When planning for eternity!
Don't leave it up to fate!

By Vicki B. Wright.
Not going to lie...I thought it was fun. I sure hope the girls did too!
My awesome advisor couldn't be there but she did a FABULOUS job making our wedding cake for us! I couldn't have done this activity without her and everyone oooooed and ahhhhhed over her cake. I hope she knows she was missed!


Steve said...

Hey, can I barrow your punch jug? LOL

Steve said...

Sounds like a very memorable experience

Rheanna said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun, I love the idea!

mistieleigh said...

Oh boy! How fun you blogged the activity! Sounds like it all ran smoothly. And happy to see the cake didn't fall over before Wednesday came around. Wish i could have been there in person. Thanks for taking care of all the details!