Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gavin's growing 'UP'

Wahoo! The party is over! I have been stressing about it for the last month only for it to be over in 1 and half hours. Gavin had a great time and it made me so happy to see him so excited and having so much fun.

I think the hardest part of the party was that there were a few too many kids and too broad a range of ages. I have a hard time not wanting people to feel left out, but I think when you do something like this you're just going to have to not worry about that. The games sorta flopped because of this, but what do you do?

I really enjoyed thinking up things to go with the 'UP' theme. I made everyone their own Ellie badge, and a snipe chocolate bar. We played balloon related games and the gift bags were balloon themed with a balloon tied to them. I made everyone a wilderness explorer sash and they earned badges for completing activites. I had great intentions and high hopes for the cake, but I am not very patient and it was taking a long time!!!

I learned that 100 balloons when placed on top of your house look like NOTHING! That Carl Fredrickson is full of it...:)

I think it was the perfect theme for Gavin. My neighbor had asked him what he wanted her to get him for his birthday and he said he wanted a pink balloon. I don't think he can ever get enough balloons! I'm so proud of him and so amazed at how grown up he is. I think he is amazing and I can't believe I've had him here with me for 3 years.


Mom/Kim/Jewel said...

What an amazing party!! You did a great job! Gavin was so happy and loved every minute of it. Do you guys have blisters on your fingers from tying all of those balloons?

The Ormond Family said...

So fun! Want to come do the next party at our house?

Words of Webster said...

nellie Sue, you are the cutest mom ever I wish I was you (I am sure my kids do too!) I put the card pics on my blog. I love you Nellie! Nance

mistieleigh said...

i love how much you get into parties. i am the same way. the button pin and chocolate bar was so creative. I am very impressed! What a fun idea for a party! (oh, and i love the balloons on top of your house- what a perfect touch!)

Me said...

Good job, Janelle! Adorable!!