Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary

7 years ago today Keith and I were married! Sometimes it feels like it was so long ago, and other times it feels like it just zipped by. I can't believe how far we've come and how wonderful our little family is. I'm so thankful to Keith for all that he does for me and all that he has given me....especially my sweet little boys!

A couple of things I remember about the big day...

I was late to the temple. Not my fault...we're blaming my parents on that one. At the time I had a baby sister (holy cow I can't believe how much she has grown since then!) and she had spilled her bottle all over and had to be changed. Hmm...maybe we should blame you Logan!

It was freezing. The whole week had been wonderful and then that day it was so incredibly windy and cold. Maybe we should have waited 7 years because today is beautiful! Everytime I go to a wedding and the weather is bad I always feel so bad because I remember what that's like! Could have been worse and been a day like last week!

The eggs at our wedding breakfast were so good. We had a breakfast since our ceremony was at 8:20 in the morning! (We were the 9th of 52 weddings that day!) Our breakfast was at the Inn on Temple Square which isn't even there anymore.

Keith's mom wrote a poem when all of her kids got married that talked about the couple. I knew she did this and couldn't wait to hear ours! It was great...I'll have to find it and type it up on here sometime.

At the breakfast everyone was supposed to stand up and introduce themselves and how they knew the bride and groom. My brother Colton stood up and said, 'My name is Colton and I'm Janelle's sister." He was so embarassed he hid under the table. I am just waiting for the day he gets married. "Hi, I'm Janelle and I'm Colton's brother..."

Unfortunately Keith has to work all day today and won't be home until 9. I spent the day watching our wedding video with Gavin. I'm so glad I have that. It's so fun to watch and Gavin thought it was pretty silly to see us on TV.

Looking forward to many, many more know, just like eternity or something :) Love you, babe!


Steve said...

Sorry I forgot to congratulate you at dinner tonight. Thanks! It is always good to see you. Can't believe it has been 7 years!!! I don't remember being late to the temple???

bpetersen said...

Umm... there is no picture here! :) I remember your car breaking down too!

Love you!

Tori and Steve said...

Holy Cow! I remember when Colton said that! I felt so bad for him. I knew he was thinking, "She's my sister" and it just came out wrong. Did it haunt him for a long time? Time sure has flown by!!

Mom/Kim/Jewel said...

What fun memories!! I am glad you took me back to that special day with you!! It was COLD, but still perfect!

Megan B ♥ said...

Happy anniversary! It was a long time before Kinley stopped being mad that she wasn't in any of our wedding photos. She finally understands why her lack of physical presence was actually a GOOD thing :)

Megan B ♥ said...
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