Friday, November 9, 2012

End of soccer season

I'm going through some older pictures and realizing that I've missed blogging some things.  We had a great end to Gavin's first soccer season!  He really enjoyed playing and enjoyed Uncle Craig as his coach with cousin Adalie on his team.  For their final game Grandma and Grandpa Smith headed over to watch them play.  It was a double bonus for them having 2 grandkids on the team!  I didn't take a lot of pictures the last day but did get a quick shot of the cousins with the grandparents.  Gavin also scored a great goal the last game and was so proud!  I think MaryAnn has it on film, I'll have to check with her.  He did great for his first time and seemed to enjoy it aside from the minor issues that only Gavin would have :)  He likes to complain a lot about random things and soccer was no exception.  (I.E. It's too sunny.  Or my personal favorite, "The other kids are RUDE!  They're taking the ball from me!"  He had to be reminded that it was what the other team was supposed to do!)

Grandma and Grandpa with Gavin and Adalie

High fiving the other team

He was pretty excited about his trophy :)
Looking forward to more years of soccer!  (At least I hope because that's one sport I don't mind watching!)

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